10 Richest Game Of Thrones Celebrities

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the hottest and most captivating series on our screens right now. Season 4 premiered in April 2014, and it got us seriously hooked. The good news is that the series will be lingering longer and all thanks to HBO who renewed Game of Thrones for season five and six. The Franchise has also been a money-spinning venture for the actors and behind the series, and that’s what our article shall be focusing on. Join us as we take a look at the 10 Richest Game of Thrones Celebrities.

10 Richest Game Of Thrones Celebrities

1. George R.R Martin Net Worth: $50 Million

George Martin’s success comes from his knack of writing novels and short stories that leave us in awe. He authored A Song of Ice and Fire, two fantasy novels that were adapted in the Game of Thrones. He is also a co-executive producer and assistant scriptwriter for the series. Some of his other notable novels that have seen him snag awards include A storm Of Swords, A Clash of Kings and The Skin of Trade.

George Martin

2. Peter Dinklage Net Worth: $10 Million

He plays the character of Tyrion Lannister an intelligent and witty dwarf that commands respect despite being an outcast. In the real world, Peter Dinklage is an award-winning actor who has swept us away with some of his iconic roles. You may recall seeing him in: The Chronicles of Narnia where he scooped the role of Trumpkin or in the comedy The Station agent where he portrayed Finbar McBride. In a recent interview, Peter Dinklage appeared to be exscatic about his villain role on the show and hopefully, he shall be reprising his striking role in the next seasons.

Peter Dinkage

3. Jack Gleeson Net Worth: $8 Million

It’s such a bummer that the 21-year-old Irish actor will be going for a temporary retirement after he is done filming Game of Thrones. We all loved how he portrayed King Joffrey in the first four seasons of the series. Jack Gleeson has been acting since the tender age of seven, but he got his first shot on the silver screen in the early 2000s where he featured in films such as Batman Begins, Shrooms, and A shine of Rainbows. After Game of Thrones, Jack Gleeson is setting his sights on his academics. In his own words, acting is just hobby to him and not a lifetime career. 

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4. Nikolaj Coster- Waldau Net Worth: $6 Million

In the late 90s, this Danish native so it fit to try his hand in the Hollywood acting scene, and his timing couldn’t have been any better. Unlike most actors who float from one failed film to the next, Nikolaj’s acting road was quite smooth. In 2001, he landed the role of Gary Gordon in the film Black Hawk Down. Shortly after, Nikolaj began scooping lead roles in movies such as Enigma and My Name is Modesty. 2011 was another rewarding year for Nikolaj who got the role of Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Nikolaj Coster

5. Sophie Turner Net Worth: $5 Million

Sophie turner is one of the actors that has ripped big bucks from the Game of Thrones Series. Her acting resume has a long way to go, but  she is already showcasing her acting prowess. The 18 year old actress plays the role of Sansa Stark in the fantasy series, and thanks to her phenomenal performance she has managed to scoop more roles in 3 films: BarelyLethal, The Thirteenth Tale, and Another Me.

Sophie Turner

6. Kit Harington Net Worth: $4 Million

Kit Harington has got to be one of the most swooned after British actors. His drooly looks are enough to send eyes popping and tongues wagging. On the acting front, he is quickly becoming one of the most bankable actors. He scooped the lead role of Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones in 2011, and he is just one of the reasons why we can’t enough of this series.

Kit Harington

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7. Emilia Clarke Net Worth: $3 Million

The 27-year-old English actress garnered significant fanfare when she scored the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones Franchise. Emilia has even nabbed some awards for her depiction including an Emmy and an EWwy for best supporting actress. Other movies in which she has featured in include: Spike Island and Shackled. Askmen named her the most desirable woman of 2014 and surprisingly, she is still single!

Emilia Clarke

8. Alfie Allen Net Worth: $2.1 Million

Alfie Allen comes from a household that is peppered with showbiz personalities. His mother, Alison Owen, is a film producer, and his father is a prominent British actor. Does Lily Allen ring a bell? That’s because the two are siblings. Alfie’s acting career has slowly been picking up momentum since 1998 when he had his first professional appearance in the comedy show: You Are Here. He plays Theon Greyjoy in the fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Alfie Allen

9. Iain Glen Net Worth: $1.6 Million

Ian Glen has graced some of the most popular series of our time. He played Sir Richard Carlisle in Downton Abbey, and in 2012, he nabbed the role of a drug trafficker in the series Prisoners’wives. For someone with a film career that spans over two decades, we would expect him to be high up on our list; his role as Ser Jorah Mormont in The Game of Thrones will probably bump up those figures.

Iain Glen

10. Lena Headey Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Lena Headey Broke through the British acting scene when she was 17, but she didn’t hit stardom until 2005 when she starred in The Brothers Grimm. The 40-year-old beauty has since been beefing up her acumen. In 2010, she landed the role of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones and so far, she’s proved to be a gem. We sure can’t wait to see her in action in the coming seasons.

Lena Headey

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