10 Richest Formula 1 Drivers

For many men (and women), Formula One racing is the dream job they would have loved to pursue if life had taken just a few different turns. The racers who do take their dreams to the track are often rewarded quite handsomely for it. Here are the 10 richest Formula 1 drivers.

1. Michael Schumacher $800 Million

Born in Germany, 1969, Schumacher has won several championships in his career as a racer. He had an early start with encouragement from his parents and has been given several lucrative endorsement deals. These push his net worth to an estimated $800 Million.

michael schumacher one of the richest formula 1 drivers

Michael Schumacher, the greatest modern day F1 driver

2. Eddie Jordan $475 Million

An Irish native, Jordan no longer races but has transferred his success in that arena into his new role as a team boss and founder of the Jordan Grand Prix. His net worth is approximately $475 Million.

3. Ayrton Senna $400 Million

The late Ayrton Senna was a Brazilian Formula 1 Racer who died tragically while racing. His career was quite successful though cut short and he was known to be very generous to charitable organizations. At the time of his death in 1994, his net worth stood at $400 Million.

4. Dale Earnhardt Junior $300 Million

His love for racing came from his father, Dale Earnhardt Senior who died in a race they both were competing in back in 2001. His combination of skill and dynastic legacy have led him to win several races and score top endorsement deals. These propel his net worth to an estimated $300 Million. 

5. Lewis Hamilton $200 Million

Born in Britain, Hamilton has competed in several different racing events often placing or winning. His impressive track record has contributed to his net worth of approximately $200 Million.

lewis hamilton is worth $200 Million

Lewis Hamilton is the  2008 Formula One World Champion

6. Tony Hulman George $200 Million

Former racer Tony Hulman George has several relatives in the industry, albeit as executives. Back in 1989 he started racing and did quite well but eventually transferred to the business side of the track where he made most of his wealth as a president and CEO. His net worth stands at $200 Million.

7. Jeff Gordon $130 Million

American racer, Jeff Gordon has benefited hugely from the use of his name and image in endorsement. He is a celebrated NASCAR and Formula 1 racer and through his winnings and other ventures has amassed a net worth of approximately $150 Million.

8. Kimi Raikkonen $130 Million

Born in Finland, Raikkonen has raced cars at both Formula One and NASCAR events with impressive results. The majority of his immense $130 Million net worth comes from his winnings. He has raced for Sauber-Petronas and Mercedes and was at one point the top earning driver in the industry.

kimi raikkonen is worth $130 Million

Kimi Raikkonen won the 2007 Formula One World Drivers' Championship

9. Eddie Irvine $120 Million

Edmund ‘Eddie’ Irvine is an Irish racer who got his passion for speed from his father who pursued amateur racing. Late in his career he successfully partnered with Schumacher twice and made waves as a member of Jaguar’s team. He retired in 2002 with a net worth of $120 Million.

10. Jenson Button $110 Million

Jenson Button is a British Formula One driver. He is currently signed to McLaren. Button won the 2009 Formula One Championships. A talented Formula 1 Racer, he was named  "Men of the Year" in 2009 and 2011 by the magazine Top Gear.

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