Richest Fictional Characters

10 Richest Fictional Characters

These billionaires never ever have to worry about investments going south or being hounded by tax collection agencies.  World domination to them is a whole different ballgame: fighting dragons, wolves, vampires, aliens, donning a batsuit or practicing BDSM. Why? Because the script demands it!  Here are the top 10 richest fictional characters who made the cut of Forbes yearly wealthiest list. 

Santa Claus Net Worth $10 Trillion

Every Christmas season, his name will be mentioned by every family that celebrates Christmas. With millions of toys being sent every Christmas (and some don't come cheap), how rich is Santa anyway? We calculated that it would take a person to have a net worth of $10 Trillion just to make little kids happy every Christmas.

Scrooge McDuck Net Worth $65.4 Billion 

In Disney world, Scrooge McDuck is the world’s richest person, er, duck. Created by artist Carl Barks, the comic book character first appeared in 1947. The story chronicles Scrooge’s rags-to-riches story as a Scottish immigrant to the U.S. who became rich from treasure hunting. 

Scrooge McDuck

Smaug Net Worth $54.1 Billion 

J.R. R. Tolkien’s brainchild, the dragon Smaug is the main protagonist in the fantasy novel The Hobbit. Smaug is one of the few remaining dragons of Middle-Earth. He guards his treasures up in the Lonely Mountain by sleeping atop them.  


Carlisle Cullen Net Worth $46 Billion 

The world’s richest vampire doesn’t even care for human blood and, like the rest of swoon-worthy vampires in Twilight, glistens like gold while exposed to sunlight. 

Carlisle Cullen

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, coven leader in the Twilight novel series penned by Stephanie Meyer, looks 23 but is actually 370 years old.  Centuries of being an immortal has allowed him to perfect his skills as a doctor and accumulate immense wealth in the process.  He owns a yacht and a private island. 

Tony Stark Net Worth $12.4 Billion 

When a billionaire gets kidnapped by terrorists and survives, he’ll probably employ a hundred bodyguards to prevent a repeat. Not Tony Stark, owner of multi-billion dollar corporation Stark Industries. The engineering genius of Iron Man comic books and films designed an armored suit that allows him to fly and be a superhero. 

Tony Stark

Charles Foster Kane Net Worth $11.2 Billion 

Charles Foster Kane is a character in Orson Welle’s 1941 film Citizen Kane. Charles is a media mogul with business interests in logging, shipping, real estate and food retailing.  He lives in a lavish estate called Xanadu but died a lonely man. 

Charles Foster Kane

Bruce Wayne Net Worth $9.2 Billion 

Bruce Wayne, a.k.a.  Gotham City’s caped crusader Batman, is an American billionaire playboy and philanthropist who is the CEO of multinational conglomerate Wayne Enterprises. He maintains a cave underneath his Wayne mansion as headquarters for his nocturnal crime fighting activities. 

Bruce Wayne

Richie Rich Net Worth $5.8 Billion

His name says it all. Harvey Comics’ fictional character which first surfaced in 1953 is the world’s richest kid.  The son of wealthy parents, Richie lives in a huge mansion in Richville, USA. He wears his signature white shirt, waistcoat, red bow tie and blue shorts. 

Richie Rich

Christian Grey Net Worth $2.5 Billion

Bondage/sadomasochism poster boy Christian Grey from E. L. James’ erotic romance trilogy Fifty Shades is a young business magnate. The CEO of Grey Enterprises is depicted as fluent in French, owns a fleet of expensive cars and is a highly skilled, albeit, dangerous lover. 

Christian Grey

Tywin Lannister Net Worth $1.8 Billion 

Tywin Lannister is the star of the television series Game of Thrones which is based on The Song of Ice and Fire novels of George R. R. Martin. The cunning and ruthless Lord of Casterly Rock is one of the most powerful in Westeros. Hell-bent on preserving his family’s power at all cost, he uses his wealth to buy loyalty and favors. 

Tywin Lannister

Charles Montgomery Burns Net Worth $1.5 Billion 

Known simply as the villain Mr. Burns in the animated TV series The Simpsons, Charles Montgomery Burns owns Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is Springfield’s wealthiest and most powerful figure, and as such, gets to do whatever he wants while the authorities look the other way. 

Charles Montgomery Burns

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