Top 10 Richest Energy Tycoons In The World

What would we do without the supply of energy? There are various forms of energy but in order to qualify, all the types must obey the conservation of energy and cause a proportional change in mass in objects that possesses it. Compiled below, are 10 richest energy tycoons who’ve made a fortune in the energy field and have benefited greatly from humanity’s thirst for energy.

richest energy tycoons

1. Mukesh Ambani Net Worth : $25 billion

The richest Indian in the world has a net worth of $25 billion. That’s a substantial decrease in wealth considering the $43 billion fortune he had in 2008. He was accused recently of swaying the government in his favor when the Indian government doubled the nation’s gas prices. The businessman is the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited.  The company invests and dwells in various fields such as refining, petrochemicals, oil and gas etc. 

2. Len Blavatnik Net Worth : $20 billion

Len Blavatnik currently has a net worth of $20 billion. He earned serious money through the sale of Russian oil company TNK-BP; the lucrative sale fetched him around $7 billion. He also earns major revenues from his company LyondellBasell. In terms of net sales, the company boasts of being the world’s third largest chemical company. The Harvard graduate is also the owner of Warner Music. 

3. Harold Hamm Net Worth : $18 billion

Harold Hamm is an energy tycoon possessing a net worth of around $18 billion. Most of his wealth is derived from his 70% stake in oil company Continental Resources. The operator currently produces nearly 150,000 barrels a day. The man came from humble beginnings; his parents fed the family of 13 children with money they made from cotton picking. Harold Hamm has certainly come a long way, since working first as a gas station attendant. 

4. Mikhal Fridman Net Worth : $18 billion

Mikhal Fridman has a net worth of $18 billion. The man recently sold his stake in the oil company TNK-BP to Rosneft for $5.1 billion. The man also has major shares in Alfa Group along with his college friends German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev. Mikhal Fridman obtained his college degree from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. He is currently the second richest man in Russia. 

5. Viktor Vekselberg Net Worth : $18 billion

The Russian billionaire has $18 billion of personal wealth to tap into, if he ever really needs it. He received $7 billion for selling his stake in TNK-BP. He is the proud owner of energy company Hevel, which is currently working towards developing thin-film energy technologies. The man is the brains behind the establishment of Russian conglomerate Renova Group.  

6. Mohammed Al Amoudi Net Worth : $15 billion

The billionaire has a net worth of $15 billion and he has energy companies in Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. Mohammed also owns several oil refineries in countries Morocco and Sweden. The construction business paid him major dividends before he took a keen interest in energy. The reason why Mohammed’s net worth is what it is, is because of his 2 companies, Corral Petroleum Holdings and MIDROC. 

7. Leonid Mikhelson Net Worth : $15 billion

Leonid Mikhelson has a net worth of $15 billion and he holds close investments in companies Novatek, Sibur and Pervy Obyedinenny. Novatak is one of the largest producers of natural gas, Sibur is a chemical holding company whereas Pervy Obyedinenny is a bank. Gennady Timchenko is his trusted partner in Novatek and Sibur. 

8. Gennady Timchenko Net Worth:$14 billion

Gennady Timchenko is a Russian billionaire with a net worth of $14 billion. The man sold his 43% stake in Guvnor Group, an energy trading company, to his business partner, Torbjorn Tornqvist. The exact amount he received is not yet known. His company, Volga Group, invests majorly in energy, infrastructure and transportation. 

9. Vagit Alekperov Net Worth : $14 billion

Another Russian makes it to the top 10 energy tycoons list and his name is Vagit Alekperov. The man has around $14 billion in his bank vault and he earns that kind of money by leading Lukoil: Russia’s largest independent oil company. His father, who worked in the oil fields, died relatively early in Vagit’s life. Although Vagit’s father didn’t linger around for long, he inspired Vagit to follow in his footsteps. We all know how well that has worked out for Vagit. 

10. German Khan Net Worth : $12 billion

Rounding off the elite list of energy tycoons is Ukrainian-Russian billionaire German Khan. He makes it to the list because of his $12 billion net worth. German accumulated around $3.3 billion for selling his stake in oil company TNK-BP. The man is notoriously known for attending business meetings while carrying handguns. 

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