10 Richest Emperors In History

By Abhinandan Lawati

Before there were Presidents and Prime Ministers, there were emperors. Some of them were brave and courageous, while others were smart enough to duck war. Almost all of them had vast fortunes at their disposal though. Take a look below to know the 10 Richest Emperors in History.

Here are some interesting facts about the emperors.

  • King Solomon has 700 wives and 300 concubines!
  • King Solomon is considered the wisest man that ever lived
  • Mansa Musa I was the 10th ruler of the Mali Empire.
  • Tsar Nicholas II was executed by The Bolsheviks.
  • Osman Ali Khan hired 38 employees only to dust the chandeliers at his main palace.
  • William the Conqueror was the bastard child of the Duke of Normandy, Robert I, and his mistress, Herleva.
richest emperors in history

1. King Solomon Net Worth : $2.1 trillion

King Solomon is a historical figure. According to the Bible, he was the King of Israel. His net worth of $2.1 trillion may sound ludicrous to you, but let us give you an idea of the amount of wealth he had. King Solomon ruled for 40 years and he received 25 tons of gold annually. If we value gold at $2000/oz, a ton of gold would be worth $64.3 million. Now with simple math, if we multiply 25 by 40 (the years he reigned), the amount would be an astonishing $64,300,800,000. Bear in mind, this is only the amount of money he received as gifts, excluding other businesses.  

2. Mansa Musa I Net Worth : $400 billion

The Malian Emperor was a very wealthy king and he possessed a net worth of around $400 billion adjusted for inflation. He was able to accumulate a fortune that large by producing salt and gold. In fact, over 50% of the world’s supply of gold and salt at that time was produced by Mansa. 

3. Tsar Nicholas II Net Worth : $300 billion

Tsar Nicholas was the last emperor of Russia and he began his reign in 1894. He inherited most of his fortune. The ruler boasted a net worth of $300 billion, adjusted for inflation. He took to the throne aged 26 years and ruled for over 2 decades. The brutal slaying of this emperor and his family has left a profound mystery whether one of his daughters, Anastasia survived the annihilation. Her story has become a subject for books and even movie animation.

4. Osman Ali Khan Net Worth : $236 billion

The ruler of Hyderbad, Osman, was known to boast a net worth amounting to $236 billion in today’s money. He ruled the state for 37 years and had over 50 Rolls Royce in his possession. The man also possessed a rare gem, the Jacob Diamond. 

5. William The Conqueror Net Worth : $229.5 billion

England’s first Norman King, William the Conqueror, was known to possess a net worth of $229.5 billion in current value. He made his fortune by raiding and conquering neighboring kingdoms. He ruled for over 2 decades. 

6. Muammar Gaddafi Net Worth : $200 billion

Widely known as Colonel Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi was widely reported to possess a net worth of $200 billion before his passing away. The politician ruled and terrorized Libya for over 4 decades! Though some are relieve that he is gone many have question whether overthrowing him has made Libya better or worse.

7. William Licinius Crassus Net Worth : $169 billion

Although technically not an emperor, William did possess powers equivalent to that of an emperor. He boasted a net worth of $169 billion in today’s money.  The politician helped finance Julius Caesar’s campaign to become Pontifex Maximus.  He made most of his fortune through slave trafficking, proscriptions, purchases of land and properties. 

8. Alain Rufus Net Worth : $163 billion

Alain Rufus rode alongside the great William the Conqueror in various battles as his companion. He boasted a net worth of $163 billion (adjusted for inflation) and owned Yorkshire, Norfolk, London, Suffolk, and Northhamptonshire etc. 

9. Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl of Arundel Net Worth : $108 billion

Richard Fitzalan was no emperor, but he was the Earl of Arundel and a capable military leader. His peak fortune was around $108 billion. The man fought in many Scottish Independence wars. 

10. Heshen Net Worth : $ 52 billion

Like Crassus, Heshen was technically not an emperor, but he could be passed off as one. He had a net worth of $52 billion in today’s evaluation. The Quianlong Emperor truly valued Heshen. Some of the fortunes Heshen had in his disposal were 8000 acres of land, 42 bank branches, and 100 ingots of pure gold etc.

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