Richest CEOs

Here is a list of the richest CEOs, Chairman and Company Presidents in the world. Some companies' CEO salary is worth 1000 times what they pay their normal employees. Let's take a look at the net worth of these fortunate individuals who run the world's biggest and greatest companies.

How Much Is Goldman Sachs CEO Worth?

Given the title Person of the Year and Most Outrageous CEO of the year, Lloyd Blankfein is no stranger to the high powered world of Wall Street...

Billionaire Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Starbucks is what it is today thanks to its Billionaire chairman and CEO Howard Schultz. With a thriving company, Schultz is worth $1.5 Billion...

Tim Cook, The Highest Paid CEO In The World

Tim Cook is officially the highest paid CEO in the world with a salary of $378 Million. The higher the shares of Apple go, the richer he will be...

Leonid Mikhelson, Russian Gas Tycoon

If you are a Russian and you own a chemicals and gas company, chances are you will be a billionaire. Meet Leonid Mikhelson, who has $15.4 Billion...

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a Billionaire

With his career at Google, Eric Schmidt has the enviable position as one of the world's top leaders in technology. He has accumulated...

How Rich Is Starz Network CEO Chris Albrecht?

Chris Albrecht became famous for his role as the CEO of Starz Network. As a leader in the American media industry, Albrecht also worked as the CEO of HBO.

Former ING Direct President is worth $430 M

A great deal of Arkadi Kuhlmann's wealth was accumulated during his time as the president of ING DIRECT. Since his time at the head...

CEO of Craiglist is worth $40 Million

With $40 million, Jim is also one of the richest CEO's in the world. Since his installment as CEO in 2000, Jim Buckmaster has continued to work... 

How Rich is Legendary GE CEO Jack Welch?

Known for his work as a business entrepreneur, Jack Welch began his career as a chemical engineer. As a chief executive officer, Welch...

David Stern Net Worth $50 Million

David Stern is an attorney from the United States who made his fortunes as the commissioner of the NBA from the year 1984 onward.

Keith Britton Net Worth $7 Million

American model and actor, Keith Britton, was born in Spetember 1976. He was not content to remain solely in the field of entertainment however and studied Finance at the University of Massachussets.

James Dolan Net Worth $1.5 Billion

James Dolan was born on May 11th 1955 on Long Island. No stranger to wealth, he is the son of billionaire Charles Dolan who founded the company, Cablevison, of which he is currently CEO.

Terry Semel Net Worth $300 Million

On February 24th 1943, Terry Semel was born in Brooklyn, New York. He went on to earn an Accounting degree at University and served as Co-CEO of Warner Brothers for over two decades. 

Roberto Goizueta Net Worth $1.3 Billion

Roberto Goizueta Was born in Cuba on November 1931. He worked as a chemist for the Coca Cola company in Havana until Fidel Castro’s ascent to power prompted him to migrate with his family to America.

Ty Warner Net Worth $2.5 Billion

Ty Warner is the founder and CEO of toy company Ty Inc. and the owner of several profitable real estate assets. Born in Chicago in 1944, he attended Kalamazoo College but dropped out before graduating.

Stefan von Holtzbrinck Net Worth $1 Billion

Stefan von Holtzbrink was born into considerable wealth on May 15th 1963 in Germany. He studied law and apprenticed in the field until 1994 when he started working at Verlagsgruppe Holtzbrinck, the publishing firm founded by his father, Georg, in 1948.

Tadashi Yanai Net Worth $18 Billion

Born on February 7th 1949, Tadashi Yanai is presently the wealthiest man in Japan. He studied Economics at Waseda University. 

Steve Ells Net Worth $220 Million

Steve Ells was born on September 12th 1965 in Indianapolis. He studied Art History at the university of Colorado before studying at the Culinary Institute of America. After graduating he worked as a Sous chef at Stars Restaurant in San Francisco for two years.

Stephen Cloobeck Net Worth $105 Million

Stephen Cloobeck graduated from Brandeis University in 1983 with a degree in Psychobiology. After working as an executive for several years he made the choice to purchase Sunterra Corporation...

Russ Weiner Net Worth $200 Million

Russell Weiner was born on May 5th 1970 in California. He is the son of Michael Weiner aka Michael Savage, a highly conservative radio talk show host and herbalist with whom he founded the Paul Revere Society.

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