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Top 10 Richest Celebrities in the World

You've seen them walking down red carpets at awards and ceremonies, buying huge mansions and expensive jewelry, and being chased by the paparazzi all the while. They may do different things, but they do it well, and when they do it well, they earn well too. Here is a list of the top 10 richest celebrities in the world today. 

Giorgio Armani Net Worth $7.2 Billion

Best known as a designer of men's clothing, Giorgio Armani started off as a storefront decorator before moving up the rungs. The fortune he made in fashion has allowed him to diversify. Teaming up with the Emaar Group, he has set up a number of luxury hotels and residences, with one hotel-residence complex taking up the top 39 floors of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. Apart from this, he earns his income from a worldwide chain of clothing outlets that bear his name. Together, these have allowed him to accumulate a fortune, which places him at the top of the list. 

giorgio armani

Wu Yajun Net Worth $6.6 Billion

One of the two women in the list, and the only one to hail from outside the Anglo-European countries, Wu Yajun started off as a factory worker, before shifting to journalism. Her business abilities allowed her company Longfor to rise up the ladder of real estate, so much so that today she's counted among the top real estate moguls in the world. 

Wu Yajun

Bono Net Worth $900 Million

Known for his vocals as lead singer for band U2, Bono is also known for his humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. The 12 records albums released by Bono so far have had combined sales topping 120 million. These, along with his earnings from concerts, have contributed significantly to his earnings, placing him third on the list. 


Jerry Seinfried Net Worth $800 Million

Perhaps the best comedian alive in the US, Jerry Seinfried shot to fame thanks to the Seinfried series, aired in the 1990s. Years after the last episode was aired for the first time in 1998, syndication rights and DVD sales continue to earn the actor a good income. Another series, Marriage Ref, provides Seinfried a decent earnings as well.

Jerry Seinfried

Howard Stein Net Worth $500 Million

Recognized as a “shock jock” for his notorious style on the hugely popular radio show which ran from 1986 to 2005, Howard Stein signed a contact with Sirius XM Radio, which gave him $100 million for total production expenses each year. These have together allowed him a net cash flow of $500 million, placing him fifth on the list. 

Howard Stein

Magic Johnson Net Worth $500 Million

The only sportsperson on the list, Magic Johnson is an iconic figure in American basketball, who redefined the way basketball is played. Best known for his days at the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnson, now retired, still has enough earnings to place him sixth on the list. 

magic johnson

John Travolta Net Worth $200 Million

Beginning his career as part of the Broadway crew of Over Here!, Travolta struggled to find success in the 1980s. His major break was in Pulp Fiction, which was released in 2004. Travolta has since starred in films like Get Shorty and Hairspray. Sometimes embroiled in controversy, Travolta remains highly influential in Hollywood, which explains his net worth of $200 million. 

john travolta

Julia Roberts Net Worth $149 Million

The highest earning female actress in history, Julia Roberts shot to fame in Pretty Woman, where she played a prostitute. Having crossed the $20 million a movie mark with Mona Lisa Smiles in 2003, she continues to rake in good earnings from promotions and earnings from films. 

julia roberts

Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth $86 Million

Known to every child as Harry Potter in the film series bearing the same name, Daniel Radcliffe began his career in the television series David Copperfield before moving onto a film called Tailor of Panama. Beginning at age 11, he starred in all eight Harry Potter films, which made him one of the highest earning Britons in the history of British cinema. With fixed investments worth more than 18 million pounds and properties in the US and London, he makes it to our list at just 23 years of age.  

daniel radcliffe

Mike Tyson Net Worth $1 Million

Among the most controversial boxers in the history of the game, Mike Tyson was the youngest boxer to win the major boxing tournaments. Known for his aggression inside and outside the ring, the boxer enjoys more limelight than any other sportsman alive. Although he earns huge amounts of money from endorsements and professional fees, he is notorious for poor management of his earnings. Hence, he appears last on our list of top earning celebrities. 

Mike Tyson

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