Top 10 Richest Athletes
In The World

The Richest Athletes In The World

There is little space at the top when it comes to professional sports. But for those who reach the top with their skill and manage to survive the cut throat competition the rewards are rich. Here are the top 10 richest athletes in the world, who have proved their mettle in their respective fields time and again, and have in the process reaped rich rewards. 

1. Tiger Woods Net Worth $500 Million

Perhaps the most famous golfer ever, Tiger Woods has broken numerous records and has in the process turned his name into a brand everyone can relate to. Though he was embroiled in controversy for a while, he has since resumed his sport with a vengeance. With endorsements and sports earnings topping $85 million a year, he's on top of our list. 

tiger woods

2. Micheal Schumacher Net Worth $400 Million

Like Tiger Woods, Schumacher is a living legend, having won virtually every Formula One Grand Prix there is. Ranked at the top for a long time, his current earnings from endorsements as well as from prizes etc, are substantial enough to place him in the second spot. 

Micheal Schumacher

3. Alex Rodriguez Net Worth $350 Million 

Known as A-Rod to his fans, baseball player Alex Rodriguez has won 14 MLB All-Star awards and 4 Silver Slugger awards. He's the youngest in history of baseball to score 500 and 600 runs. In 2007 New York Yankees signed him up on a $275 contract. With overall yearly earnings of $33 million he occupies the third spot. 

Alex Rodriguez

4.  Kobe Bryant Net Worth $200 Million

34-year old Kobe Bryant has been playing professional basketball in the NBA since passing out from high school. A long time member of the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant has been accorded the All Star honor 15 times. He won gold in both 2008 and 2012 Olympics for the US. His current earnings and endorsements place him at the fourth spot in the table. 

kobe bryant

5. David Beckham Net Worth $175 Million

Former captain of England David Beckham has played for a number of football clubs including Manchester united, Real Madrid and La Galaxy. Known for his impressive performances on the field Backham is currently retired but continues to earn handsomely thanks to endorsements and training contracts with major clubs. 

david beckham

6. Phil Mickelson Net Worth $170 Million

"Lefty" two golf fans, Phil Mickelson has won four major championships till date and is therefore considered a legend like Tiger Woods. He earns upwards of $60 million a year from his annual golf salary, sponsorships and endorsements. 

phil mickelson

7. Roger Federer Net Worth $140 Million

At 31 years of age, tennis player Roger Federer has won 14 Grand Slam titles and at one time held the number one spot in WTA rankings for over 300 weeks at a stretch thus setting a record in tennis. With grass and indoor surfaces as his strong areas, Federer has featured in 25 Men's Singles Grand Slam finals so far. His earnings from sports coupled with endorsements and sponsorships places him at the 7th spot.

roger federer

8. Christiano Ronaldo Net Worth $130 Million 

Undoubtedly one of the best football players of all time, Ronaldo currently plays for Real Madrid as well as the Portuguese national team. He currently earns $35 million a year from endorsements and his contract with Real Madrid. 

christiano ronaldo

9. Lionel Messi Net Worth $115 Million 

The wonder from Argentina has consistently outclassed his competition on the football field, leading his club Barcelona to multiple victories.With annual income of $44.68 million, he is the richest football player currently playing.

lionel messi

10. Floyd Mayweather Net Worth $115 Million

Undefeated as a professional boxer,  Floyd Mayweather has won the world championship 8 times in categories ranging from super featherweight to welterweight. He has won 26 of his 45 bouts by KO and is the current champion in the welterweight category. His immense success has brought him rich rewards and he is therefore the lone boxer in our list. 

floyd maywheather

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