10 Richest And Most Influential Celebrities In The Philippines

There are many talented celebrities making up the many entertainment networks in the Philippines today. But here are 10 of the richest and most influential celebrities in the Philippines.

philippine fansYoung people in the Philippines cheering and supporting their favorite celebrity

10. John Lloyd Cruz (Net Worth $2 M)

John Lloyd Cruz is a young model and actor in the Philippines. He is also a famous commercial model for many famous brands and products in the Philippines. He currently appears in TV shows and stars in films in the Philippines. He started out acting as a teen and many were inspired of his humbleness when he started. He has earned his worth through the numerous movies and commercials he has made.

9. Kris Aquino (Net Worth $2.2 to 3.3 M)

Kris Aquino is the younger sister of the President of the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino III. At her young age of 43 years old, Kris Aquino was able to establish herself financially. Kris Aquino earns from the movies, TV series, commercials, TV shows, and businesses that she manages. Kris Aquino is a mother of two and is still a very active celebrity in one of the biggest TV networks in the Philippines.

8 - Ricky Reyes (Net Worth $4.4 M)

Ricky Reyes is not a Philippine actor, however, he is a very prominent personality and a hairdresser to the stars as well as other famous people in the Philippines. Many people respect him and he is known to be a charismatic celebrity. He started with a humble beginning and has accumulated his worth through his hard work and his businesses. Currently, he owns several beauty schools in the Philippines.

7 - Willie Revillame (Net Worth $8.9 to 13.3 M)

Willie Revillame also started early in his acting career. He has starred in many films and he got famous because of his great comedic acting. Currently, he appears in a local television network in the Philippines. He is also known to own several businesses which helps him earn his net worth. He also owns several estates, yachts, expensive cars, and homes in various places in the Philippines. 

6 - Vilma Santos (Net Worth $7 to 11.1 M)

Vilma Santos is an actress first before she became a politician in the Philippines. She is also a celebrity who started early in her acting career. Her net worth falls at about $7 to 11.1M today. She accumulated her worth from the early hit movies that she starred in. She also does a lot of commercials before she got busy in her political career. She is married to a Philippine senator as well. 

5 - Regine Velasquez-Alcasid (Net Worth $14 M)

Regine is a singer actress in the Philippines. Her professions varies from being a singer, actress, record producer, model, TV host, and entrepreneur. She is married to singer actor Ogie Alcasid. She earned her net worth from some of the films she has starred in, but most would come from hit records and albums. She currently hosting a cooking show in a local network in the Philippines.

4 - Sharon Cuneta (Net Worth $13.3 to 17.8 M)

Sharon Cuneta is a Philippine actress who started out young. Until now she is still active in her acting career. Her net worth is about $13.3 to 17.8M. She owns several expensive houses in exclusive subdivisions and villages in the Philippines. She is the wife of one of the senators in the Philippines. She earned her wealth from the various movies, commercials, and TV shows that she has starred in.

3 - Vic Sotto (Net Worth $20 M)

Vic Sotto is another influential and wealthy celebrity in the Philippines. The star wears many hats as he is an actor, film and TV producer, composer, singer, and screenwriter. He gained his net worth from the numerous films and TV roles that he has done. He also earned money through various records and albums he sang with his band, the VST and Company. Vic Sotto is currently a host in a noon time show entitled Eat Bulaga. He also occasionally films movies

2 - Joey de Leon (Net Worth $20 M)

Joey de Leon is noted to have a net worth of $20M. Joey de Leon is another member of the band VST and Company from many years ago. He is also a talk show and variety host in the Philippines. He accumulated his net worth from all the movies, albums, and shows that he has undertaken. His profession spans from being a singer, actor, screenwriter, film producer, writer, and even disc jockey.

1 - Manny Pacquiao (Net Worth $100 M)

pac-manNicknamed Pac-Man, he is one of the greatest boxers ever. His winnings have made him a legend and he now wields enormous influence in the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao is not only one of the richest Filipino celebrities today, he is also one of the most influential people in the Philippines. Manny’s career varies from being a professional boxer, actor, politician, film producer, businessman, and singer. Manny Pacquiao owns several estates and expensive vehicles. He also owns several businesses in all parts of the Philippines. Currently, Manny is laying low as an actor, as he is busy serving his fellow countrymen as a congressman.

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