10 Poorest Countries In The World

We talk about the richest constantly but do you know which are the poorest countries in the world? Have you ever just sat and wondered what the rest of the world was like? What places and people couldn't afford to own the necessities of life?

poorest countries in the world

Sometimes we are too engrossed in the "Richest". We never stop to think that there are those who are suffering out there.

There are a lot of countries around the world that have the little luxuries of life. Things like running water, food to eat, clothes on their backs and money in their pocket are often taken for granted by individuals within such countries.

To these individuals, these items are mere necessities, but for some people in other countries they can be considered luxuries. For them, it is not often that they can afford such items to maintain healthy lives.

I believe education is the key to overcoming such boundaries that have been presented within other world countries. Today I will like to share with you the 10 countries that are the most economically challenged. 

1. Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has seen its fair share of troubles. The most noted being the Second Congo War which left behind 5.4 million casualties from 1998 to the end of 2008, and devastated the nation's economy.

The GDP per capita dropped from $348 in 2011 to a mere $236. Numerous reports have stated that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the number one poorest country in the world.

One report listed them number one in 2010 and another listed them as their top pick in November of 2013. While the nation boasts one of the largest populations and plays home to some of the most lucrative mining sites, the state of the economy within this country is at a downward slope. 

2. Zimbabwe 

Coming in at number two is Zimbabwe. This country boast the lowest life expectancy rates in the world, and plays host to one of the world’s largest HIV and Aids epidemics.

Men are only expected to live until the age of 37, while the life expectancy for women is only at 34 years. The GDP in this country is at $589, but with a decrease in tourism and over harvesting, this number is likely to decrease. 

3. Burundi

This country has a host of problems that can account for its economic failures. Such factors include war, famine and malnutrition within children, lack of access to education and the spread of HIV/AIDS 

4. Liberia

Workers in Liberia typically work in diamond mines and harvesting lumber. Although 2011 showed over 80% of the population living below the poverty line, the country has been named one of the fastest growing countries in the world as they try and improve infrastructure and living conditions for their people. 

5. Eritrea

In 2011 the GDP of this country was at $735. Devastation caused by the Eritrean-Ethiopian war is what brought about the nation's economic troubles.  

6. Central African Republic

GDP is around $300 per year, which varies each year based on crop sales. The country has a vast majority of resources available to them, such as diamonds, and hydropower, but still has more than 50% of its population living below the poverty line. 

10 poorest countries in the world

It is up to us to help our fellow humans. Not everyone is born into a life of comfort and luxury. We should all do our part.

7. Niger

While the county has many sources of income like rice, gold, and livestock to help support its economy, lack of rain to the region has brought a decrease in crop production. This decrease, and overpopulation of livable land in the area, has caused economic struggle for the nation. 

8. Malawi

The GDP was $860 in 2011. One problem that is facing the nation is high death rates related to HIV/AID transmission and infection. In 2000, aid disbursements to the country ceased, which lead individual donors to pull out as well. Although the nation has received some relief in the last few years, they still have a ways to go. 

9. Madagascar

GDP for this county is less than $932 per capita. The poverty threshold has been reached by almost 70% of the nation's population. Likewise a decrease in tourism has harmed the economic stability of this country as it is one out of three major industries in the nation. 

10. Afghanistan

Coming in last on our list, this country needs no introduction. The GDP in this country stands at around $1000 but don't be fooled, almost 42% of the population lives on $1USD or less each day. The economic woes for this country are due to countless wars, and lack of foreign investment. 

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