Phil Robertson Net Worth

Phil Robertson Net Worth $350 Million

Phil Alexander Robertson is an American professional hunter and businessman. He became famous when he starred in the reality television series Duck Dynasty. Phil Robertson was born on April 24 1946 to James and Merritt Robertson. He was the fifth of seven children in the family. Phil attended Louisiana Tech on a football scholarship and played first string quarterback for the Bulldogs, ahead of Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. 

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He had the option to play football professionally but due to his love for hunting, he abandoned football as he did not want to miss duck hunting. As a lover of duck hunting, Robertson was dissatisfied with the standard duck call. He began to experiment and improve on the duck call to produce an exact sound of a duck. He was successful in inventing the Duck Commander Call in 1972 which received a patent of its own. In 1973, he started the Duck Commander Company and today this business is a multi-million dollar empire headed by his son Willie Robertson. With a reported worth of $400 Million, the company has made Phil Robertson into a a very successful businessman, all through selling stuff related to duck hunting. The company sells duck calls, hunting gears, merchandise, books, DVDs and many other things and the business became so well known that the family now have their own reality show called Duck Dynasty.

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Their reality show on A&E has become so popular with over 8 million people watching every episode being aired. By the end of 2013, Duck Dynasty has aired over 50 episodes over 4 seasons. Phil wrote a memoir titled " Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander" which sold close to one million copies making it a #1 best seller. Due to the success of the reality show, Phil's company was able to sell 600,000 Duck Commander calls in 2012, ten times more than before they got famous.

Phil Robertson is a devout bible believing Christian and his views have made some controversies recently which resulted in his show being suspended on December 18 2013. In an interview with GQ magazine, Phil condemned homosexuality and immoral behaviors. However, many fans condemned the suspension and supporters started a facebook page which accumulated up to 1.5 Million likes condemning the action. On December 28 2013, under intense pressure, A&E lifted the suspension. Whether his show will continue to be popular or not in the future does not matter financially to Phil Robertson as he already has a thriving business. With an estimated net worth of $350 Million and rising, life is definitely good for this devout Christian!

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