Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif, current prime minister of Pakistan, is one of handful of politicians in the country to make the billionaire’s list, according to The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

nawaz sharif

With a net worth of 1.4 Billion, his list of assets include more than a dozen agricultural properties and industrial units combined, concentrated in the steel business, along with two homes and several luxury vehicles.

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Sharif’s career as a politician has been turbulent. He began his life in politics in the Punjab Provincial Council, and spent five years as the Chief Minister of Punjab. Sharif was first elected Prime Minister in 1990, but stepped down in 1993. He ran again for office and was elected in 1997, only to be ousted in a military coup, and eventually exiled in 2000. He returned to Pakistan in 2008 after the Supreme Court ruled that he was free to return.

nawaz sharif, pakistan prime minister

After Parliament removed the ban on three terms in office, Sharif ran once again and was elected as Prime Minster for a third time in 2013. Sharif is reported to be the second wealthiest politician in Pakistan and his family the fourth wealthiest. Sharif’s family includes his wife Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, and his four children, Maryam, Asma, Hassan, and Hussain.

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