10 Most Valuable Companies
In The World

With all the ever-growing number of companies that seem to appear and make their marks in this generation’s corporate world, it is quite hard to keep track of the biggest companies in terms of their net value. From food products to luxury apparel, these companies have become titans in the corporate world. Here are the 10 most valuable companies in the world today:

1. Apple, Brand Value : $104.3B

apple, the most valuable brand in the world

There is rarely anybody today that has not heard of apple. Apple tops the list of 10 most valuable companies in the world with a brand value of $104.3B.

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2. Microsoft, Brand Value : $56.7B

microsoft brand

When it comes to computers and operating systems, Microsoft has become more or less a household name. Even until now, it has remained as the company people turn to for great Operating Systems. Its recent development of video game consoles also boosted its popularity and value to a whopping $56.7B.

3. Coca Cola, Brand Value : $54.9B

coca cola brand value

Another popular company that has become a household name is Coca Cola. It is the one company that has become so popular with its market that its name has become interchangeable with the terms soda and even soft-drink. With a brand value of $54.9B, it has become the largest beverage company in the world. 

4. IBM, Brand Value : $50.7B

ibm brand

Another titan in the tech-savvy world is IBM or International Business Machines Corporation. Even with a value of $50.7B, there are those that have not even heard of this company. Chances are, the hardware and software most of these people are using in their computers are made by this company.

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5. Google, Brand Value : $47.3B

google brand

Ever since its creation in 1998, Google has slowly become the go-to search engine for just about everybody these days. With its value at $47.3B, Google has become the de facto number one authority when it comes to the internet.

6. McDonalds, Brand Value : $39.4B

mc donalds brand

With so many people being into fast-food, it’s no surprise that McDonald’s has become one of the 10 most valuable companies in the world with a brand value of $39.4B.

7. General Electric, Brand Value : $34.2B

general electric brand

From refrigerators to light bulbs, the household essential company General Electric makes the list with its estimated brand value of $34.2B. 

8. Intel, Brand Value : $30.9B

intel brand

Another household name in the computers’ field, Intel has gone on to become a company worth $30.9B.

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9. Samsung, Brand Value : $29.5B

samsung brand

Being the biggest rival Apple has these days in the field of making great smart-phones; Samsung has climbed up to the 10 most valuable companies in the world with a brand value of $29.5B.

10. Louis Vuitton, Brand Value : $28.4B

louis vuitton brand

Impressively, Louis Vuitton makes the list of the 10 most valuable companies in the world when its primary product consists of designer bags and apparel. It is a brand now valued at $28.4B.

Companies’ values can change so fast that this list of 10 most valuable companies in the world may not be the ones in the list for the next year or so. But at least for the time being, these giants are at the top of the corporate world and have no sign of leaving anytime soon.

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