10 Most Famous Politician Scandals in Modern History

The world of politics has always treated the media and more so the public with shocking, juicy and jaw-dropper scandals. Political scandals are quite rampant in modern times such that they are shockingly anticipated when they finally hit the airwaves. Whenever a sex scandal becomes the talk of the town, members of the public simply shrugs and often say something like “I knew that chap was trouble” or something along that line. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 most famous political scandals in modern history: -

10 Most Famous Political Scandals In Modern History

10. Berlusconi “Bunga Bunga” Scandal

For the 17 years that the Italian prime minister has been in office, he has mostly been known for all the wrong reasons, all thanks to the lots of messes he has been involved in. From being a playboy and a pedophile to a gangster and a swindler, Silvio Berlusconi has been accused of doing it all. One of his escapades that’s considered to be the most famous is the huge promiscuous parties otherwise known as “Bunga Bunga” that he holds from time to time. As long as this man is alive, you will always smell something scandalous in the air.

Silvio Berlusconi

9. The Moshe Katsav Rape Scandal 

Rape is considered to be the last resort for the weak. Moshe Katsav, who’s the former President of Israel, is just but one of the many politicians who have been accused of being involved in such a shameful and undignified act. He has been accused of raping and sexually harassing not one, but up to ten women. He stepped down from the presidency after calls were made for him to resign, consequently losing his presidential immunity and was promptly convicted for his heinous crimes.

Moshe Katzav

8. The Chen Shui-bian Fraud Scandal

This Taiwan president together with several members of his family have dragged their family’s name through mud. His wife, for instance, wired more than $21 million to several banks in the world. His son-in-law on the other hand, was caught laundering money. Chen Shui-bian resigned for receiving bribes and funds embezzlement. His lack of self-control and that of his family members managed to demoralize many of his positions.

7. Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal

Anthony Weiner is a politician who been known to have a very damning hobby – sexting. This mayoral hopeful and former New York House representative has been caught on several occasions, sexting pictures to several women under the alias “Carlos Danger”. Despite earning top-rate media spotlight that left his wife humiliated, this sexting expert continued his campaign that saw him end up with a dreary 4.9% in the Democratic primary.

6. Bob Filner Sexual Harassment Scandal 

Filner had only served as the San Diego Mayor for six months when raging allegations of sexual misconduct came knocking on his door. Some of his long-time supporters demanded for his resignation based on accusations that he had sexually harassed some of his female staff members. A total of nineteen women came forward to continue accusations and Filner had no other choice but to resign and face justice. 

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5. Trey Radel Cocaine Scandal

He was not only a rising hopeful but was also a respected star in the Tea Party movement until late 2013, when he made a lethal mistake in his political career by purchasing 3.5 grams of cocaine from a person he didn’t know was an undercover agent. The then Congressman of Florida was sentenced to a 1-year probation, resigning from office soon after returning from leave. 

4. Bob McDonnell Corruption Scandal

This is a man who was very close to being Mitt Romney’s presidential running mate in 2012. In January 2014, McDonnell and his loving wife were indicted on fourteen counts of corruption. He is currently known as the 1st governor facing criminal charges in the Virginia’s 250-year history.

3 Chris Christi “Bridgegate” Scandal

This was a scandal that garnered a lot of press and it still gets headlines to this day. Christie’s appointees teamed up to create traffic jams as retribution against Fort Lee Mayor, Mark Sokolich as punishment for not endorsing Christi in the 2013 gubernatorial election. This is one scandal that might have worked to Christi’s advantage as it increased his popularity. 

2 Jesse Jackson, Jr. Fraud Scandal

Being the son of a presidential hopeful and famed civil rights activist didn’t prevent this man from negative publicity. He was accused of misuse of campaign funds, which resulted in his resignation from Congress. While he was sentenced to 30 months in prison only, his wife was sent to prison for 12 months for making an attempt to conceal the crimes.

1 Ed Snowden

Snowden is a man who is loved and hated in equal measure, some considering him a hero while others see him as an ultimate traitor to America. He is the famous NSA whistleblower who’s considered to be the most significant leaker in U.S. history. He was brave enough to release thousands of classified documents to the media in an attempt to show the public that they were always under a “microscope”. He was charged with espionage and later sought asylum in Russia. 

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