10 Most Famous Male Adult Stars
In The World

By Abhinandan Lawati

The male adult stars don’t enjoy as much success as their female counterparts but that doesn’t mean that their jobs are any easier. Maintaining an erection under the spotlight forever is no joke. Getting it erect under pressure is in itself a success. The male stars have to do all the work during the explicit scenes almost all the time. Of course, getting paid to nail the hottest adult stars in the business is certainly a tempting offer, but being a male adult star is not everyone’s cup of tea. Without drifting any further, let’s take a look at some of the most famous male porn stars. Oh...before that, here are some interesting facts...

  • The average male adult star earns $500-$600 per movie.
  • Peter North is the richest male adult star with an estimated net worth of $11 million.
  • In the United States, adult film making is only legal in Los Angeles and New Hampshire. 
  • On an average, men think about sex around 34 times a day.
  • Lexington Steele has a double degree in African American studies and history. 

1. John Holmes 

When one works in over 2,500 adult movies and sleeps with over 3,000 women, it has to count for something, right? Well it does, it lands the man a top spot on the list of the most famous porn stars. The man was renowned for his humongous member. He was actually spotted by photographer at a urinal. So guys, all those horrific thoughts of someone peeking at your member at public urinals are actually true. The legend died because of complications arising from HIV in 1988. 

2. Ron Jeremy Hyatt

Nicknamed The Hedgehog, Ron Jeremy was the highest placed adult film star in AVN’s The Top 50 Porn Stars of All Time list. The man has appeared in over 2216 adult movies and has even managed to direct 285 movies. His popularity has helped him land roles in several mainstream non-pornographic movies as well; some of them are Detroit Rock City, 54, Crank: High Voltage, and The Chase etc.

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3. Peter North 

Peter North started his illustrious adult film career in gay pornography before transitioning to straight pornography. The man has lent his services to over 2000 adult movies and has even managed to direct 70 of them. The man is also the founder and owner of the production company, Northstar Associates. 

4. Rocco Siffredi

rocco siffredi

Move over Rocky Balboa, we have the real Italian stallion over here. Rocco Siffredi is by far the most recognized male adult star in the cities of Europe. The man has starred in over 1300 movies. Rocco Siffredi is widely recognized for enacting rough sex scenes. 

5. Randy Spears

Few male adult stars have won as many AVN awards as Randy Spears. The man has over 27 AVN awards and has starred in around 1000 adult films. His endeavors were rewarded when we was inducted in the AVN Hall of Fame. Randy is widely remembered for his performances in the adult films The Masseuse and the Sex Trek series. 

6. Evan Stone

evan stone

Evan Stone is recognized globally for his ass chin. Whether the ass chin works in his favor is up for discussions for another day. We’re sure that the ladies are big fans of his performances though. The man originally trained to be an Air Force Ranger but the prospect of being in the porn business was too enticing for him and we don’t blame the man. 

7. Seymore Butts

seymore butts

Seymore Butts is recognized more for his contributions to the adult industry rather than just being a male porn star. He reality show Family Business showed us glimpses of the adult industry. The man is an expert when it comes to directing adult parody movies. 

8. Mr Marcus

mr marcus

Blessed with a humongous body, Mr. Marcus is not only an adult star but a writer as well. The novel The Porn Star’s Guide to Great Sex is credited to him. The man had sex with over 100 women in the movie The Luckiest Black Man. Marcus made headlines when he tested positive for syphilis and knowingly exposed female co-stars to the disease. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the heinous crime.

9. Lexington Steele

Here’s an amazing fact! Lexington Steele worked as a stock broker before entering the porn industry. Here’s another amazing fact! The man doesn’t drink alcohol. Lexington is now owner of the production company Mercenary Motion Pictures. The man won the race of being the first actor to win 3 AVN Male Performer of the Year Award. 

10. Bryan Matthew Sevilla 

James Deen is the stage name adopted by Bryan Matthew. James started his career in the porn industry immediately after turning 18. Unlike the stereotypical male actors in the adult industry, Deen doesn’t possess a muscular physique. The boy next door image in turn has helped him garner quite a following.

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