10 Most Expensive Fruits
in the World

most expensive fruits in the world

Fruits are very much some of the most basic and also the most delicious of foods known to man. Their very nutritious and supple meat, make for good snacks and meals and are very great as ingredients for cooking. There are some fruits though, that rise above others in terms of monetary value. Here are the 10 most expensive fruits of the world. 

Yubari King Melons - $23,000

These kind of fruit is so different from the traditional melons that people might be used to. It is very sought after because of its sweetness and its perfect shape. It is so sought after, that auctions are actually held for its sale. With a price tag of $23,000, no doubt it tops the list of 10 most expensive fruits in the world.

Special Pineapples - £10,000

Because of its very special procedure and costly production cost, there are special miniature pineapples that are on sale for at least £10,000 a piece, making it such an expensive fruit.

Ruby Roman Grapes -$6,400

Who would have thought grapes could be so expensive? The Ruby Roman Grapes were auctioned in Japan to bidders and ended up being bought at a price of $6,400.

Densuke Black Watermelon - $6,100

A watermelon only sold in Hokkaido, Japan, the Densuke Black Watermelon is a solid addition to the list of 10 most expensive fruits in the world with a price of $6,100.

Square Watermelon - $212

Not nearly as expensive as its Densuke Black relative, the square watermelon in Japan still sell for $212, still a very high price for a fruit.

Decopon - $79

This citrus hybrid sells for a not so sweet $79 for half a dozen. Though it is mostly sold for gifts, it is also considered as a fruit of luxury for many.

Muskmelon - $79

Yet another melon on this list, the Muskmelon sells for at least $79 each.

Royal Strawberries -  $69

Though not exactly worth hundreds of dollars, the Royal strawberries still make the list of 10 most expensive fruits of the world with $69 a dozen.

Honoka Strawberries - $29

Though still affordable, the Honoka Strawberries sell for $29 a box, which is still considered a large prize for a fruit.

Sekai-ichi Apples - $21

Literally meaning “the best in the world”, this apple sells for $21 each. It makes it into the 10 most expensive fruits in the world. Though not exactly as expensive as the others that cost thousands of dollars, this fruit is washed in honey and is still very expensive for an apple.

Only For The Rich?

Though fruits are naturally good for the body, there are those that are not so good for the wallet. Some of these fruits may seem a little over the top and downright overpriced, but there are those that consider them great buys and consider their tastes so much more than worthy of their investments. Truly, there are those fruits that are as cheap as they are delicious but there are also those that belong to the 10 most expensive fruits in the world.

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