5 Of The Most Expensive
Cruises For The Rich

By Tamara Frittella on March 9 2014

Cruises are a wonderful way to spend a vacation. The idea of being out in the ocean for a few days and seeing a couple of beautiful countries is magical. The rich and famous also enjoy such luxuries. However, their idea of going on a cruise is a little different from ours. Here are 5 of the most expensive cruises exclusively reserved for the millionaires and billionaires of the world.

The Cheapest of the Lot is Not That Cheap

Ranking the 5th most expensive cruise on our list, is one of the Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The cheapest on the list, but it still sets you back a small fortune. This 21 day cruise on the seven Seas Mariner departs from Portugal, and ends in Miami, Florida. The rates for this cruise start at $8,399 per person to stay in the Deluxe Veranda Suite. The master suite will cost you $21,499.

A Costly Cruise

The Silversea is a gorgeous cruise liner that offers the utmost luxurious stay. Sleep on Egyptian cotton linen, enjoy a private butler attending to your every need, and indulge in the Bulgari bath products! 115 days of bliss with stops that include Hong Kong and Barbados. Just be prepared to spit out $49,999! And that’s for the cheapest suite!

The Best Island Cruise

Imagine spending 116 days visiting the world’s most beautiful islands! From the Caribbean to islands of Thailand, this is a fairytale cruise aboard the Seabourn Quest. Enjoying the largest spa ever on a luxury cruise ship, or having dinner served on your private deck, are just some of the features to take pleasure in. The cost of this cruise? The penthouse suite will set you back $104,332, or you can opt for a simpler and cheaper suite for $55,000. 

Costing More than Crystals

Crystal Cruises offer cruises that will cost you an arm and a leg. An 89 day cruise will cost you $43,180. If you have a bit more money you can opt for the Crystal Penthouse which will cost you $205,510. You will however see some of the most beautiful places in the world including the Mariana Islands and Walvis Bay in Namibia. A personal butler, 24 hour room service, celebrity guest speakers, and classes including photography and pilates, are just a taste of what these cruises have to offer.

Whisper This to Yourself....$1.5 Million.

The world’s most expensive cruise will cost you...don’t choke...$1.5 million per couple. This 124-day extravaganza aboard the Silver Whisper, visits 28 different countries. The famous Silver Whisper’s Royal Suite (never mind that all the rooms are rather royal) has marbled bathrooms, two balconies, a private dining room, and two large bedrooms. This cruise offers a huge variety of restaurants and bars to dine in. Its beauty salons and boutiques will keep you beautiful and busy. It also boasts a multi-tiered show lounge, a library, and an internet cafe. Alas... the cost of this cruise is more money than most of us will see in our lifetime. And some. 

We can close our eyes and dream... and that’s about the closest we normal folk will ever get to one of these lavish cruises. Oh the life of the rich....

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