10 Most Expensive Coffee Machines
In The World

The love for Coffee has grown over the years and coffee lovers are willing to spend insane amounts of money on coffee machines and coffee beans. Let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive coffee machines in the world.

most expensive coffee machines

10. At $11,000 – The Clover

This coffee machine is developed by three students from Stanford University. The process of how one cup of coffee is made by this machine is quite similar to the French press process. This machine is used by top cafes and is very popular in some places such as Portland, OR.

9. At $11,111 – The Blossom One Limited

The Blossom One Limited is a limited edition coffee machine created by top talents from Tesla, Apple, as well as startup company, NASA. This machine has Wi-Fi capability for the baristas enjoyment so they can easily download or share recipes. It also has a camera for scanning QR codes.

8. At $12,000 – The Bunn Tiger

The complete name of this baby is the Bunn Tiger XL-5 2 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine. This coffee machine is quite small compared to other coffee machines, but it is truly packed with awesome features such as the ability to brew 180 drinks in an hour and a couple of hoppers that can hold 4 pounds of various beans.

7. At $12,500 – Astra 2000 FA

The FA in the Astra 2000 stands for Fully Automated and it very much describes what this coffee machine can do. The process of how it works is, you guessed it, fully automated. It can grind and still make your favorite latte, café au lait, cappuccino, and many others. It can even create traditional espressos that you will surely love.

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6. At $13,500 – The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia

This coffee machine, specifically known as Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Semi-Automatic 3 Group, is a multipurpose coffee machine weighing 220 pounds. This is the official espresso machine utilized in the WBC (World Barista Championship). It has a brew boiler specially controlled to ensure the precision of temperature. Its boiler capacity is at 17 liters.

5. At $14,950 – The Concordia Integra 4

The Concordia Integra 4 came from the company that first created the espresso machine that is fully automated. This machine is made like a digital barista. This is the machine most preferred by hotels for its beauty and efficiency. It can even do cold beverages, hot chocolates, and teas.

4. At $18,000 – The Franke Evolution 1 Step

This machine weighs 100 pounds and can create up to a maximum of 24 programmable beverages. It can create hot and cold beverages while also having the usual features such as grinders, hoppers, and steamer.

3. At $18,500 – The Rancilio Espresso

The Rancilio Espresso is a popular and expensive machine. It was created by Rancilio Company who started creating such machines since 1927 in Milan, Italy. This machine has cup storage so your cups stay warm all the time.

2. At $19,000 – The Concordia Xpress 6 Beverage System

This is the fastest coffee maker in the whole world. It weighs 245 pounds and it can work as a single cup brewer, espresso machine, and a grinder. It has a refrigeration capacity good for two gallons of milk and can produce about 1000 combinations of brewed, steamed, chilled and hot beverages in just 25 seconds.

1. At $1,000,000 – The Javabot Machine

The behemoth of a coffee machine is used at the Roasting Plant (New York and Detroit). This bot roasts, then grinds, and brews your beans for every coffee cup you order. This ensures that you get optimal freshness for every cup of coffee you or other customers sip.

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