10 Most Expensive Beds In The World

If you are going to spend a third of your life sleeping, you might as well splurge your money on one of these luxurious beds but only if the hefty price tag does not dent your bank account. Join us as we take a look at these masterpieces, which combine art, technology and design to create the most expensive beds.

1. Baldacchino Supreme Bed $6.3 Million

The exquisite bed uniquely designed by Stuart Hughes and Hebanon is hand crafted from three types of wood: cherry, ash, and classy Canopy. Its interior made from pure gold makes the bed even more drool worthy. Luxury and top-notch quality does not come cheap though. This bed will cost you $6.3 million.

2. The Magnetic Floating Bed $1.6 Million

The Dutch designer Janjaap Ruijssenaars has left many gawking at this extraordinary bed. Wouldn’t you fancy a bed that floats on air? It features magnets weighing over 1500lbs allowing the bed to float 1.3 feet over the floor. The floating bed is tethered to the wall to ensure it doesn’t drift away. This gravity defying bed, which took six years to assemble, is worth a cool $1.6 million.

3. Jado Steel Style Gold Bed $676,550

Coated in 24-carat gold and encrusted with Swarovski crystals, this bed combines technology and luxury implicitly. It is wired with internet connection, a DVD player, play station, and a Bose sound system. With so much entertainment goodies, it’s hard to believe that anyone would catch sleep on this bed. But for the luxury lovers, get ready to part with $676550 for the Jado Steel Style Gold Bed.

4. Parnian Furniture Bed $210,000

Designed by Abdolhay Parnian, this bed boasts of a simple yet visually striking design. The artistic masterpiece is crafted from wood, stainless steel, and gold. The parnian bed has more to offer including iPad holders, secret compartments and a swivel TV. The bed comes with a hefty price tag of $210,000.

5. Quantum Sleeper Bed $160,000

The quantum sleeper steals the show with its intriguing design not to mention some of the ridiculous add-ons, which include a Bio-Chemical Filtered Ventilation, rebreather, safety features, and a toiletry system. The quantum sleeper may not win an award for being the most comfortable bed, but it will offer you advanced security for $160,000. Now that sounds like a worthy investment!

6. Majesty Vi-spring Bed $84,425

Hand crafted by Jab Anstoetz, the luxurious bed features a mattress made from the finest European Silk, horsetail, and cashmere. The bed is also encrusted with several layers of silver and gold. The royal bed will cost you $84,425 a fair price for a bed designed to perfection.

7. Cosmovoide Bed $60,000

This bed has a fancy and eye-catchy design. The uber-modern bed has a twin electric relaxation bed frame and a complete home theatre system. If you value chic designs over an opulent nap, you can’t go wrong with the $60,000 Cosmovoide bed.

8. Monarch Vi-spring bed $50,000

Vi-spring believes that a comfy bed can be a life-changing experience. The Monarch Vi-spring $50,000 bed seemingly lives up to the promise. The bed has more than 3000 springs and a mattress made from high quality material including long-stranded horsehair and fine cotton. David Beckham is one of the celebrities that couldn’t resist buying the utterly comfortable bed.

9. Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed $50,000

Do you have a snoring problem? The starry night features an anti-snore technology that promises to reduce snoring. It also comes with Sleep Diagnostic Centres, temperature settings, internet connection and an iPod slot. The cool gleam bed will set you back a cool $50,000.

10. Sphere bed $50,000

Designed by Karim Rashid, the sphere bed takes luxury and comfort a notch higher. The custom-made bed features a champagne holder, a 32” Colored television, covered LED florescent canopy-top lights, among other exclusive features. Sounds like the ideal place for a perfect date, but after you cough out $50,000.

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