5 Biggest & Most Expensive
Armies in the World

Some countries are better prepared for war than others. Then again, some countries also face many enemies while others have none. Therefore, it’s no surprise why many of the world’s powers invest so much time and money into military developments. But, which countries spend the most on this department? Which countries hold the largest military numbers? Here’s a list of 5 biggest (and most expensive) armies in the world.

People’s Republic of China

Not only does China count as the largest army in the world but they are also spending substantial funds to keep it going in the same direction. It is estimated that their expenses come up to about $166 billion, which sounds just about right considering they have 2,250,000 soldiers as we speak. China is experiencing development on all sides, which is why they have to keep financing more and more departments by the year. Not that they are complaining, though, as their annual revenues come up to $1.65 trillion. 

United States of America

Even though the USA is have fewer soldiers than China (1,458,200), they are still spending an excessive amount on military funding. One has to wonder how their funding can exceed $700 billion dollars. The answer probably lies in the fact that they have five branches to fund: US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Coast Guard and US Air Force. The US takes pride in having the most powerful army in the world; hence, the cumulative $711 billion. 


India’s army may not be the most expensive in the world, but numerically it sure is impressive. 1,325,000 active soldiers account for a powerful protection against their enemies. On top of soldiers, they fund an additional 3.5 million military personnel in total. They manage to maintain the 3rd biggest military force in the world on a budget of $41.3 billion. 


To no one’s surprise, Russia is the 5th largest army in the world, powerful both in number of personnel and the financing it receives. However, the size of the army does not equate its power, and we can safely say that the Russian army is following closely behind US in terms of power. Their military spending comes to approximately $71,9 billion, meaning their army is extremely developed and technologically advanced. 

Great Britain

The British Army, also known as Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, is the fifth greatest army in the world force-wise. The British are known throughout history for their military achievements and conquests, and they have remained powerful to this day. In fact, they are one of the 5 nations with recognized nuclear weapon power. To support all of their military financially, UK spends close to $60 billion. 

We will mention North Korea as one of the largest armies in the world due to their high number of active soldiers. However, their army is nowhere near the most expensive ones in the world, as they don’t spend that much on military financing. Nevertheless, their numbers equates to over a million soldiers, with 8.2 million military reserves.

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