Mike Tyson Net Worth
The Story of How He Went From Having
$300 Million To Less Than $2 Million

Mike Tyson Net Worth is $2 million

Michael Gerard Tyson, better known as Mike Tyson, was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn New York City on June 30, 1966. Although Tyson was one of the most legendary figures in American boxing history, he had a fluctuating career, where he earned and spent more than $300 million of fortune, which has currently left him with a meagre $2 million of net worth or perhaps even less.

The Heavyweight boxer stand 5 feet and 11 inches tall and had an amazing reach of 71 inches, his hard punching won him many accolades, especially after he knocked out Michael Spinks after just 91 seconds. Throughout his career, he has been known by various nicknames that include, The Baddest Man on the Planet and Iron Mike.

In a glorious career that spanned 58 professional boxing matches, he won 50 of them before retiring in 2006. He was the first boxing champion to hold all the three major titles including the WBC title, the WBA title and the IBF title all of which were his in 1986-87.

He was born in Brooklyn to Lorna Tyson who died when Tyson was just 16. By that age, he had already been arrested more than three dozen times, but was under the coaching of Cus D’Amato. D’Amato won his guardianship when Tyson’s mother passed away and turned Mike’s rebellious character into that of a lethal boxer. 

Cus D’Amato’s training paid off when Mike Tyson performed amazingly well in the 1982 Junior Olympic Games, where he still holds the record for the quickest knockout at 8 seconds. His professional debut came at the age 18 when he fought and defeated Hector Mercedes on March 6, 1985 in Albany.

He never looked back after that glorious debut, until his habits started taking a toll on his career, the most probable reason was perhaps the death of D’Amato the very same year, who was Tyson’s mentor and father-figure. His initial record was phenomenal because he won 26 of his first 28 fights as Knock Outs. 

His major shot at glory, however, came when he fought and defeated Jesse Ferguson in his first televised match in Houston Field House at Troy, New York on February 16, 1986. Tyson broke Ferguson’s nose with a tough uppercut and was ruled victorious through Technical Knock-out. Shortly after that on November 22, 1986 Tyson fought for the World Boxing Council title against Trevor Berbick.

He won the title through a second round Technical Knock-out and became the youngest Heavyweight Champion in the history at a young age of 20 years and 4 months. The combination of a hook to the body followed by an Uppercut to the chin proved to be a nightmare for many of his opponents in the coming years.

Tyson thereafter went on to win both the World Boxing Association title on March 7, 1987 and the International Boxing Federation title on August 1, 1987 by defeating James Smith and Pinklon Thomas respectively. 

He continued to win and win for three more years, but 1990 proved to be the year of his downfall, when he was knocked out by Buster Douglas in the 10th round, which effectively ended his world domination and as a matter of fact, was the start of a spectacular disintegration of the person that was Mike Tyson.

His divorce with his wife was followed by rape charges by Desiree Washington, which resulted in a conviction of 6 years and a further 4 years of probation. But Tyson was released after 3 years and had converted to Islam in that time. His net worth, which peaked after Nintedo released a video game based on him, had now seen a dip. 

Tyson came back and fought some memorable fights but with the dawn of a new century, his stars plummeted as he continued to struggle in his personal life, including his declaration of bankruptcy in August 2003. After years of bad results in the ring, Tyson drew curtains on his glorious career in 2005. Currently he sits on the back of a $2 million fortune, but Mike Tyson in more ways than 1, is a story of what could have been.

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