How Martha Stewart Build A
Multi-Million Dollar Business Empire

Martha Stewart is a household name as far as daytime TV goes. The talented businesswoman has been on television since 1993, wowing her adoring fans with various appearances most notably the Martha Stewart Show. Today, her company: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has a foothold in both print and electronic media not forgetting an online presence. 

Some of her most prominent brands include the popular magazine Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food and Martha Stewart Weddings. She has also written numerous bestseller books including Entertaining and Martha Stewart’s Wedding Planner. For all her endeavors, Martha currently has a net worth in excess of $300 million.

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A Long Road

Martha was introduced to the general public when as a young girl she began modeling and appearing on television commercials. In fact, she made quite a bit of money modeling while in college. By 1976, Martha was ready for her next big step; setting up her catering service that operated from her basement. The business was thriving and she even set up her own shop.

Aiming for the stars, Martha took her career a notch higher and wrote her first cook book: Entertaining, in 1983. Today, she has written numerous lifestyle and homemaking books on various topics from décor tips to cook books and even sewing books. It is obvious that there was no stopping this American homemaker and in 1990 she released her Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Furthermore, Stewart showed her business acumen when she consolidated all her brands under one name: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. It proved a smart move when the company was listed and she instantly made truck-loads of money.

Jail Term

Just when things were going so well for Martha, jail happened! You see, in 2004, she was convicted of obstruction of an agency proceeding, making false statements to federal investigators and conspiracy in a case involving ImClone Systems.As such, she served 5 months in Alderson’s minimum security facility.

However, like the true diva she is, she emerged from prison stronger than ever and just to find that her net worth had improved tremendously since her incarceration. Furthermore, during her stay at Alderson, she served as a link between the inmates and prison officials; speak of taking it all in stride.

Back To The Limelight

As soon as she was out of Alderson, Martha was back on television. This time with the Martha Stewart Show. She also had her own version of the Apprentice that didn’t do very well. However, she was not deterred by that failure and has gone on to give us everything from more books to floor coverings to kitchen utensils and beddings. What’s more, she even hosts a radio show. Clearly, the woman knows how to keep her head up!

Lessons From The Life of Martha Stewart

Looking at Stewart’s life, it’s not hard to see why she’s an inspiration to many. Additionally, here are a few tricks we can pick from her

  • Even at your best, you can still do better. Keep coming up with new ideas.
  • Even behind bars, your light can still shine.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure, just deal with it.

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