Cruising with Millionaires:
3 Top Luxury Cruise Lines

When you’re wealthy, you have more than enough money to travel the world.  Time may be scarce, but when it becomes available, travel is often what the affluent turn to as a way to relax, socialize and learn.  However, travel can also be a burden.  Movement from one hotel room to the next, and living out of a suitcase, is tiresome.  That is why many millionaires choose to travel by sea.

luxury cruises for the rich

Cruises allow guests to see new sights without having to pack and unpack. Amenities are plentiful. While at sea, passengers are pampered and comfortable. They are taken from port to port, and are able to experience many different cultures while on land. It’s the best of both worlds! Here are some of the top luxury cruises for the most discriminating guests.


Fine dining is a highlight of this cruise line, and each suite has a minibar that is stocked in advance to each guest’s tastes. Seabourn’s ships are intimate and service is personal. This is not a cruise line that caters to kids or craziness. The crowd is polite and mature. If a loud party is what you’re after, Seabourn is not the ship for you.  Popular activities include guest lectures, wine tastings and watersports (via the ship’s retractable marinas). The unique 32-day cruise that starts in Hong Kong and ends in Dubai is not to be missed. Rates start at $10K per person.

Crystal Cruises

Unlike Seabourn’s well-mannered vibe, Crystal keeps things energetic and stylish.  These large ships carry roughly 1,000 passengers. They cater to an upscale crowd with a fondness towards the upbeat. Guests like dressing up and enjoy an active social scene. The attentive staff is trained to recall preferences. The ships have a lot of deck space and there are plenty of things to do aboard Crystal’s luxury ships. From language, computing and golf lessons, to dancing and gambling; Crystal has it all. Crystal Cruises’ Pacific Rim tour is three times the duration of Seabourn’s Asian excursion. But if an extensive vacation is more your style, Crystal can provide a 98-day cruise that starts at $33K per person.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

If quiet sophistication is what you seek, then this mid-sized cruise line will deliver.  Regent provides a casual, relaxed environment while still offering top-notch service and comfort.  Although amenities are plentiful, activities are unstructured and available at your pace. This is not a flashy cruise line, but service is impeccable. If you desire a food item that is not on the menu, the chef will make it for you. Regent Cruises are meant for the wealthy and unassuming. For just over $8,000, you can take an 18-day tour from Barcelona to Brazil on one of Regent’s relaxing, unpretentious ships.

Cruising by ship is not for everyone. Some people get seasick and others simply prefer to travel by land or air. But for those who appreciate living in the lap of luxury, travel by sea may be the finest way to see the world.

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