The Rise of Katy Perry
How She Made $100 Million 

By Tamara Frittella on March 12 2014

The American beauty, Katy Perry, is an extremely talented singer, songwriter and musician. She has an astonishing net worth of $100 million! How exactly did this Californian make her millions? Let’s take a closer look....

Katy’s Christian Days

Katy Perry, born Katheryn Hudson, was brought up in a devout Christian family. Her parents were both pastors who encouraged Katy to sing in the church choir. It seems hard to believe that she started off her career as a gospel singer. She recorded her first self titled album in 2001. Her career as a gospel singer didn’t quite take off. In the next few years to follow, she became exposed to pop music and the culture that accompanied it. And she never looked back.

First Record Deal as a Pop Artist

Katy signed her first record deal with Capitol Records in 2007. She released her first solo album as a pop artist in 2008. This album, “One of the Boys”, was an instant hit! Songs like “I Kissed a Girl” were blaring on every radio station worldwide. 

Every Teenager’s Dream

Katy’s second pop album, “Teenage Dream” was released in 2010. With four singles topping charts all over the world, teenagers and housewives alike raced out to buy her album. 

2011...$44 Million

Although we don’t have exact statistics of what she had earned up until this point, we know for sure that Katy Perry’s bank account started seriously filling up in 2011. She is reported to have had a net income of $44 million in this year alone! This came from record sales, concert tours, merchandise sales and endorsements.

2012......$45 Million

Katy’s salary for 2012 kept bringing in the millions. Album sales and concert tours continued to make her more and more money! And that’s not all... in this same year, a documentary about Katy’s life was released and is said to have made $30 million at the box office worldwide.

Perry’s Perfumes and Endorsements

When Katy was not recording or performing, she was making money releasing fragrances, “Purr” and “Meow” to name a few. OPI nail polish released Katy Perry’s own line of funky colours created after her. She was also made the spokesmodel for Proactiv.

2013 .....$39 Million

The release of her third album, “Prism”, has done extremely well. In 2013, Katy also played a role in the Smurfs, as the voice of Smurfette. This year also brought her the title of “#7 Top Earning Women in Music” given by Forbes’s ranking. 

What Can We Expect in 2014

Katy is set to begin her Prismatic World Tour in May. We can only imagine how many millions she will cash in this year. If all goes as well as the last 3 years, we can expect at least another $55 million earnings. 

Katy’s Assets

Katy resides in a Hollywood Hills compound which cost her $11.2 million, and she drives a $50,000 black Audi A5. Very classy Katy!

From gospel girl to pop princess, Katy Perry is the perfect example of “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. She set her eyes on stardom, and she is soaring through the sky!

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