The Rise And Fall Of Justin Bieber - $200 Million But Reputation Degrading

Worth $200 Million, Justin Bieber is perhaps one of the fastest rising stars of this young generation. His rise to fame is one of those fairy tale that most young aspiring musicians dream of. Let's point to some of his (positive) achievements so far:

  • Won the American Music Awards Artist of the Year 2010 & 2012
  • More than 1 Billion views for his single "Baby"
  • As of this article's writing, Bieber has won 171 awards and received 262 nominations
  • Named by Forbes as the 3rd most powerful celebrity in 2012
  • Has more than 40 Million followers on Twitter
  • Dated Selena Gomez for over 2 years
  • Became a venture capitalist and tech investor investing millions in small start ups which includes Spotify, Stamped and Shots

Who has never heard of Justin Bieber? Be it a fan or a hater, there is really a lot to say about this now controversial superstar. Justin Bieber, who started his great career seems like he is on the verge of a downward spiral with regards to his fame and reputation. Though there are those who are very optimistic about him getting back up and regaining his greatness, there is quite a notable amount of evidence on the contrary. Justin Bieber may as well be going down and not coming back from the number of controversies surrounding him. But how did he get to that point, really? What has happened to the beloved pop icon? What has contributed to the rise and fall of Justin Bieber?

rise and fall of justin bieberThe sweet innocent baby face image that catapulted Bieber to international fame

Humble Beginnings

Much like many other popular pop icons before him, Justin Bieber had a very ordinary life until he got discovered as a potential talent. But unlike most other talent discoveries, Justin’s break was one of the foremost first big breaks that stemmed from the popular video site YouTube. He was discovered by his would-be agent  Scooter Braun at a very young age of 13. He was then caught between a tug of war between agency which eventually ended with him being signed on by the talent agency co-owned by Usher.

Golden years

Justin Bieber catapulted into stardom in such a very fast pace,which some people might find a little difficult to get use to. He flew straight to the top of billboards instantly. His first album gained so much international success that he went on to make his most popular album “my world” which contained the hit single “Baby” that got over a billion views on YouTube. Later on, Justin released a very successful 3D biopic entitled “ Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”. Pretty soon thereafter, Justin slowly and surely tried to change his image which people would look back on as his descent towards his fall.

justin bieber and selena gomezAt the height of his stardom, Bieber dated Selena Gomez. Perhaps breaking up with her was a bad choice...

Massive Earnings

With great fame and a wide following, Justin Bieber no doubt was able to earn a fat paycheck. From 2013 to 2014, the star brought in $80 million in earnings thanks to his world tour. His earning from YouTube views amount to almost $15 Million. His movie "Never Say Never" brought in revenue of almost $100 Million for both US and foreign sales. 2010 earnings was not bad either with almost $50 Million from sale of album and world tours.

Start Of Some Trouble

The rise and fall of Justin Bieber did not happen overnight. He had some ups and downs in his immense career. One of which, was his changing image. It really could not be helped that the public has been noticing that Justin has actually been growing really fast and really big. Obviously, he could not stick to his baby boy image. He went on to make a lot of outrage with his newfound image. We do expect teenagers to be a bit rebellious and stray away but we never expected what will soon happen to our sweet baby boy.

bieber changes his imageChanging his image started a downward spiral. Hairstyle is different from his baby image. A naughtier look.

Full-on Bad Boy

Not long after his image change, Justin caused a lot of trouble both for him and a lot of other people. It all started with the little, harmless things, like overspeeding and other minor annoyances. Later on, Bieber has been reported of several forms of abuse of his staff and even fans. He has also been apprehended for possession of marijuana and has been known also be a hothead. Just recently, he has been arrested for a couple of indecent felonies. Though he started off well it seems he might not have very good an ending, Probably going down the road Britney Spears style. Anyway, Justin had a career so much better than most aspiring singers and for that he should be considered lucky.

Bieber's bad boy imageHey look at me. I don't care what the world thinks!

Here a list of the naughty stuff Bieber has got himself into:

  • Lashes out at photographer with a barrage of profanity
  • Knocks into a photographer's car with his Ferrari
  • Groped a fans breast at meet and greet
  • Caught on video urinating into a janitor's mop bucket and yelling "F..k Bill Clinton"
  • Showed up 2 hours late for a concert
  • Spat on fans
  • Physically attacking a DJ in South Korea
  • US border agents find Marijuana in Bieber's tour bus
  • Started a fight with Orlando Bloom by making bad remarks about Bloom's Ex Wife
  • Stuck a girl's phone down his pants and threw it away
  • Reportedly caught on camera leaving a Brothel in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Painting graffiti on a wall in Brazil, a crime which can be punished up to 1 year's jail
  • Cocaine was discovered in Bieber's home
  • Arrested for participating in Drag Racing in Miami Beach
  • Arrested for DUI

Future For This Star

If this bad behavior continues, we can only wonder where this will lead Bieber to. History is full of examples of fast rising stars who earned millions only to end up lonely, broke and a failure. Will this happen to Bieber? Only time will tell. But here are a few lessons that we can warn our kids:

  1. Success does not make you. What is inside you, your character is much more important
  2. When you are high on top, its much easier to fall. It's also faster and much devastating to fall at such a height. So beware!
  3. Don't envy people who achieve great success too fast. Sometimes it may be a bad thing. Success really needs time to be digested by the human mind. Otherwise, we get too proud and fall to never recover.

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