How Johnny Depp Became One Of The Richest And Most Successful Actor
In The World

On June 9th 1963, Betty Sue and John Christopher Depp Senior welcomed the last of their four children, a bouncing baby boy whom they promptly named after his father. The world would come to know him as Johnny Depp, an actor with note worthy good looks but also legendary talent that meant he never had to fall back on those looks to make a name for himself. 

He is still one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors and has a current net worth of almost $350 Million.

How it all began

Despite being born in Kentucky, his parents relocated several times and most of Johnny’s childhood was spent in Florida. They were a hardworking family and at times the struggle to make ends meet would erupt into arguments between his parents that were difficult for young Johnny to bear.

Coupled with the instability from moving too often to settle down in any one place, he developed a habit of self injury early on to cope with the rising stress levels in his life.

His desire to perform was sparked by the gift of a guitar at age 13 from his mother. He began performing with garage bands in his teens and honing a his stage presence in the process.

The mid teens

By age 15 his parents’ strained marriage had finally passed the point of repair and they divorced. His mother remarried and he credits his stepfather, Robert Palmer with being an inspiration.

Despite this, these were dark years in his life, marked by drug and alcohol experimentation. He managed to pull himself from this track with help from the authors he had begun to read on his own. With their figurative guidance, he left high school and set out to LA with his band to become a rock-star.

Marriage and Stardom

In 1983 he married Lori Ann Allison. The marriage was over two years after it began but it was through Lori that he was discovered by actor Nicholas Cage who immediately saw his potential for greatness and encouraged him to begin acting.

By 1987 he earned his first major role on “21 Jump Street” and was known for that period as a teen heart throb. Needing a change after the show closed, he opted for more challenging and varied roles from that point onward and it was there that his true genius emerged.

He possesses an uncanny ability to immerse himself so completely in his character that he is almost unrecognizable. His first Tim Burton film, “Edward Scissor Hands” led to several others with the director including the more recent “Corpse Bride” in which he does voice acting exclusively. His work in “The Pirates of the Caribbean” was instant gold at the box office and led to the creation of a franchise that continues to be be profitable.

In 2007’s “Sweeny Todd” he displayed both his considerable acting prowess and a surprisingly capable singing voice in his portrayal of the lead role which won him a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

As an adult, Johnny Depp managed to channel his self injury into a more controlled outlet through extensive body art with the actor currently sporting 13 tattoos at last count. He is considered one of the most versatile actors of our time internalizing his characters and going the distance for every role.

Current Success and Giving Back

In 2012, he was named by the Guinness Book of world record as the highest paid actor in the world. His first marriage remains his only one thus far although he has been connected at various times to several high profile models and actresses.

He has two children from a long term relationship with french actress, Vanessa Paradis. In spite of his tremendous success he remains committed to philanthropy and donated one million pounds to the hospital where his daughter was successfully treated for E. coli.

He has also given generously of his time by donning the infamous Jack Sparrow costume to tell stories to sick children. His incomparable versatility has allowed him to remain relevant and enjoy a longevity in his career that few actors could realistically aspire to.

Lessons you can learn from Johnny Depp:

This interesting actor can provide us with some good lessons:

  • An exceptionally bad start can still lead to an amazing ending
  • Sometimes risky moves pay off handsomely
  • No matter how good you are, you can always adapt and improve 

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