John Cena Net Worth

By Romea P. March 5 2014

John Cena Net Worth $35 Million

One should learn from this exceptionally successful WWE Champion. He is a brand in itself and not just a professional wrestler. The multifaceted John Cena is the world’s third richest wrestler and he has a net worth of $35 million. No doubt his net worth it increasing every year. He has made most of his wealth from movies, advertisements, wrestling, music and his brand image.

John Felix Anthony Cena is his birth name. He was born in Massachusetts on 23rd Apr 1977 to Carol and John Cena Sr. The 6-foot 1-incher is quite an amalgamation of Italian, French, English and Canadian genes to which he owes his good looks.

He began his wrestling career in 2000 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling. It was in 2001 that he joined WWF, which later got rechristened to WWE. Since then, several figures were added to his career kitty; 19 championships, 12 different world titles, 3 American Championships, 2 World Tag Team Championship, only to count a few.

His work in the field of music, as a rapper, commenced with the debut album, ‘You Can't See Me’ in 2005 released by WWE Records. A sizable 143,000 copies and more were sold in the first week itself.  The album went up to #15 spot on the US Billboard 200 chart and reached to #103 on the UK Albums chart. As for Cena’s acting career, he has appeared on the big screen through movies like Legendary, 12 Rounds and The Marines, to name a few. He has also appeared on small screen through shows like Manhunt, Deal or No Deal, Punk'd, Saturday Night Live, Fast Cars and Superstars, The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race, MADtv and Psych. A long list as one can see. 

His celebrated life has created a sense of mixed popularity amongst the young crowd. Nonetheless, John Cena sells and WWE considers him an asset to the company.  He makes more public appearances for WWE than any other wrestler.  One of his most popular and top selling matches in the WWE PPV (pay per view) history were the one with The Rock in the WrestlMania 28 series. It is known to have drawn around 1.3 million buys as per

Cena in a TV show once said that his character generates $100 million per year for WWE. He has appeared several times in various WWE magazines and has a line of merchandise which includes tees, wristbands, hats and necklaces. He was directly contributing to 22.2% of revenue at a time for the company through his retail line and matches. John Cena’s retail brand called ‘Never Give Up’ is now a global $100 million a year brand. One shouldn’t wonder why he has more likes on Facebook and followers of Twitter than WWE itself.

His lifestyle preferences are classy too. He has a special interest towards Muscle cars and owns 20 of them apart from a collection of vintage and custom cars. It is not just driving but knowing about the car in terms of its story and context which interests him. He is ranked No.11 amongst the 20 biggest celebrity car collectors and has even released a DVD on the collection. He currently lives a glamorous life in his $750,000 mansion in Tampa, Florida. 

Well, he may not be the top person in WWE but he is certainly the brand image, and for sure an impressive one. With WrestlMania 30 in line, there is more fame and money to come. 

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