The Story of Jeff Bezos, From Wall Street To Internet Billionaire 

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Jeff Bezos With His Iconic Smile

Jeff Bezos certainly made a daring decision when he left Wall Street to start his own online company. Well, as history tells us, it was worth it.

Amazon is certainly Bezos’ gift to humanity! And what a gift it is! On the website, you can buy virtually everything under the sun from the comfort of your personal computer or smart device. His success does not only end with Amazon.

Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post aside from also owning Blue Origin (a company that wants to transport us to space). O.k. so just how much money does the man have? About $32 billion and growing.

Early Years In Wall Street

Jeff Bezos has always loved all things computers. Couple that with a naturally enterprising mind and you have a recipe for success. As such, he set up his first venture while in high school: the Dream Institute, which is a summer camp for fourth to sixth graders that was mainly educational.

Bezos graduated from Princeton University with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. And for almost 10 years he worked on Wall Street and excelled at it. Prior to starting Amazon, he was actually a Vice President at D.E. Shaw investment firm.

Stepping Out Of His Comfort Zone

In 1994, Bezos did what only the great do; he stepped out of his comfort zone and left his finance job. To do what, you ask? To find out just how far he could go with e-commerce. So he packed his bags, settled in Seattle and started selling books online through a site known as

His beginning was humble. Having just a few employees working out of his garage and using a number of his friends to gauge just how well the site worked. And alas and behold; it worked well, no, actually it worked great! 

Initial Success

Within 2 months they were selling books worth $20,000 in a week. Even the visionary Bezos did not see that coming. Having seen first-hand just what could do, Bezos showed his enterprising smarts by diversifying what was sold on the site.

Consequently, by 2011, Amazon was raking in $17 billion in annual sales. And Bezos is not done yet; he’s promising his customers that in the next few years, they’ll have their items delivered to them by drones. The project is called Amazon Prime Air; it’s definitely something to look forward to.


Yet another amazing Bezos creation is the Kindle, a device that allows its users to access digital media e.g. e-books using wireless networks. Moreover, apart from the device itself, Amazon also has a Kindle software that runs on major smartphone platforms. This enabled the whole world to access and further bring in business to his online empire.

Despite the success of Amazon, the billionaire does not stop there. He also has other ventures. Well, if you are super rich, you can just dip your feet into any business you want.

The Washington Post

Bezos acquired this company in 2013 with a vision of turning its tides around. Well, we can certainly expect great things from this venture. Bezos promised to invent something and we are all familiar with his inventions.

Blue Origin

It’s not surprising that Bezos is part of the growing number of billionaires who have set space as their next challenge. Consequently, he established Blue Origin that seeks to transport people to space reliably and affordably.

Lessons From The Life of Jeff Bezos

Well, Jeff has given us the following pointers:

  • Give your best to whatever you do; it will eventually pay off.
  • Step into the unknown. It might just be what you’ve been looking for.
  • Innovation is everything. Don’t stop inventing. 

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