Huiyan Yang

Huiyan Yang is Country Garden Holdings’ largest shareholder and is currently the wealthiest woman in mainland China. She inherited 70% of County Garden holdings’ shares from her father in 2007, which escalated her to the top and guaranteed her the number one spot on the list of the richest people in China. Forbes estimates her net worth to be about $7.2 billion as of October 2013.

Quick Facts

Net Worth: $7.2 billion

Source: Inheritance, Real Estate

Born: 1981 

Nationality: Chinese

Residence: Foshan, China

Marital Status: Married

yang huiyan


Huiyan Yang was born in 1981 in Shunde, Guangdong Province, China. She is not only the richest woman in China, but she is also one of the wealthiest people in the world. Huiyan is the daughter of Guoqiang Yang, who is the owner of Country Garden Holdings. She took her studies at the County Garden’s very own school, after which she went to the United Kingdom where she furthered her studies. She then went back to China to carry on with her education, and later on went to Ohio State University in the United States, where she studied marketing and logistics. She graduated from this university in 2003.

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In 2007, Huiyan’s father transferred 70% of the total shares and wealth of the company to her. The transfer took place right before the initial public offering of the company. Before becoming the majority shareholder of her father’s company, Huiyan played a low-key role. She had joined the company in 2005 after going home from abroad, only to become the person with the majority of shares two years later, all thanks to her loving dad. In short, she owes all her success and wealth to her Dad, Guoqiang Yang, who grew up poor and worked as a construction worker before setting up his own company. 

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County Garden Holdings

Country Garden Holdings is a property development company that’s based in the province of Guangdong China. This company is privately owned by Guoqiang Yang, who transferred majority of its shares to his second daughter, Huiyan Yang. This made the young woman the majority shareholder of the company, and the richest woman in China. 

country garden holdings

The Country Garden Holdings Company's stock was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007. This is the year in which Huiyan’s net worth reached $16 billion, enabling the young woman to make it to the Forbes list of China’s wealthiest people. In the Country Garden Holdings Company’s initial public offering, it drew more money than Google did with its initial public offering.  

huiyan yang

Personal Life

Huiyan is married to the son of a top Chinese Official, whom she met in 2004 on a blind date. The couple resides in Foshan, China.

Interesting Facts about Huiyan Yang 

  • She started attending her father’s company meetings when she was just 13 years old. 
  • Huiyan’s total net worth prevails over that of Donald Trump, who is one of the wealthiest developers in the US.
  • She became the richest person in China in 2007, when she was just 26 years old.

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