How To Be Lazy And Be Rich (The Ultimate Truth)

Is there truly a way to be lazy and be rich? I suppose there are many books and articles that are written about this topic. Many debates might have happen with regards to this issue. When you look at the life of the many rich people and their lifestyles there is some grain of truth to the notion that lazy people can be rich too!

People like

  • Heirs to a business empire or monarchy or
  • The son or daughter of a rich Sir or businessman

Some of them are actually quite hard working to be fair but if they chose not to work any single day of their life, their coffers still overflow and they become richer and richer through their inheritance.

It Takes Money To Make Money

The very first lesson for those who want to be lazy and rich is this. It really does take money to make more money. An silent investor who puts money into a business venture does not need to lift a finger to do any work but have the ability to reap all the benefit if the venture is successful.

If you think about it, here are some of the ways you can make money even if you are not working physically every day:

  1. Put $100 Million into FD and receive an interest of 3.5% or $3.5 Million every year
  2. Own 100 Million shares of Disney stock or Walmart and receive the dividends every year
  3. Put your money into the stock market and reap the dividends and also enjoy the capital appreciation
  4. Buy 10 shop lots or office buildings and rent them all out and collect the rental every single month which can amount to $50,000 per month 

The Power Of Passive Income

Yes, there is the possibility of being lazy and yet be rich.

The well known secret is to have an asset that acts as a wealth producing machine for you. This is where the power of passive income comes in. For many wealthy people who own mass amount of shares in a company (for example Wal Mart heirs) and those who own mass amount of properties, theirs is the power of massive passive income where dividends and rentals could amount to millions a year!

If You Have Great Wealth Or Have A Large Inheritance

If you are someone who was born into this world with great wealth, you can use that money to earn a big massive passive income. On the other hand if you have made quite a lot of money yourself and plan not to work anymore, you can also employ vehicles that produce massive passive income to give you a big paycheck every month, every quarter or every year.

Some assets or vehicles that will give you a massive passive income while allowing you the freedom not to work includes:

  1. Dividends from large holdings in a stock or company
  2. Rental income from vast amount of properties

The above two are the best vehicles to earn great passive income if you have a large enough amount of cash.

If You Were Born Poor Or Middle Class

Not every one is born into wealth.

Since you do not have money to work for you, you will need to work hard at creating an asset that will allow you to have financial freedom later in your life. That means you have to work hard for the first few years and then only get to enjoy financial freedom.

There are many assets or vehicles that allow you to work hard now and receive monthly income in the future without working ( being lazy). But you need to put the work upfront first.

Examples include:

  • Writing a book now and collecting the royalties every year.
  • Writing a popular song and collecting the royalties.
  • Start a website which will soon grow to 1 Million visitors a month in 3 years time
  • Create a product that people will use regularly
  • Create an app and let it run automatically collecting advertisement payments

All the examples above requires you to work hard at first but after a few years, you can slow down to 5mph and it won't hurt you financially. An established business or app or book can bring in the income you dream of like regular clockwork.

But then again, when you are successful, work doesn't seem like work and you will continue to produce more stuff and work harder! That's the situation that a lot of entrepreneurs find themselves in.

Is It Possible To Be Lazy And Be Rich?

Here's the conclusion of the matter:

Yes, it is possible.

But you have to have the correct mindset and also the money and the asset.

If you are rich, plow your money into stocks or properties that generate great dividends and rental income.

If you are not so fortunate, then work hard to build an asset that will create wealth for you now. After a few years, you can be lazy and still be rich.

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