How Taylor Swift Made
$250 Million In Record Time!

By Tamara Frittella on March 6 2014

Taylor Swift, the 24 year old singer/songwriter, started her musical career at 11 years old. In only 13 years, this ambitious and talented star has accumulated $250 million. It seems impossible that that much money can be made in such a short amount of time. This is how she did it......

how taylor swift made $250 Million in record time

In the Beginning

Taylor, who grew up on a Christmas tree farm, started off as a country singer. She was 14 years old when she signed with Big Machine Records, a new record company at the time. She is the youngest singer/songwriter that Sony/ATV Music publishing house has ever hired. Even though she was off to an early start, she first only really became noticed in 2006 when her debut single was released, followed by her self-titled album. This record was said to bring in about $55 million off its album sales and concert performances. This was just the beginning. 

2008 and 2009 Taylor Becomes Fearless

Her net earnings for 2009 were said to be more that $18 million. This marks the time in her life when she grabs her career by the horns, and rides without fear. 2009 was the year after her second album, “Fearless” was released. This became the bestselling album in the USA for 2009. Ticket sales for her Fearless Tour totalled $172,700,000, and record sales for “Fearless” stood at $8,600,000.

taylor swift without makeup

2010-2011 More Cash Swiftly Rolling In

She then went on to release “Speak Now” in 2010. In the first week of this album’s release, it sold over 1 million copies in the US alone! The sum of money this album brought in was around $90 million, and ticket sales for her Speak Now Tour are said to have totalled to $123,100,000.

2012 Go Big or Go Home

Taylor then released “Red”, her fourth studio album. Record Sales for this album were an outstanding 4 Million copies sold in the US by February 2014. However, even more astonishing were her earnings for the Red Tour.... $115,300,000. 

2014 What to Expect

Taylor is said to be releasing her new album later on this year. If her last albums are anything to go by, we can expect her to produce some awesome number 1 hits, dazzling shows, and a whole lot more money!

What Does She Spend Her Fortune On

Despite her sudden rise to fame and fortune, Taylor is known to be a rather humble star who hasn’t let all of this get to her head. She drives a Toyota Sequoia V8 which sells for about $50,000. Having said that, Taylor does have a keen interest in investing in property. She owns a home in both Beverley Hills, and in Nashville. Her most recent property purchase was a magnificent home in Massachusetts which is said to have sold for $4.9 million. 

taylor swift house

One of Taylor Swift's House, A Seaside Estate Worth $17 Million

So now we have a better idea of how to make $250 million in 13 years. Write some beautiful heart wrenching songs, record an album, perform for hundreds of thousands, and repeat x 4. And maybe go blonde and slap on some bright red lipstick.... that always helps!

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