How Sheldon Adelson Conquered
The World of Gambling

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This is a typical rags-to-riches story. He came from nothing to now becoming one of gambling’s wealthiest tycoons. His casinos are unrivaled and his stakes are worth billions. But what he is now is a product of a cunning personality that was never afraid to strike it big, whether luck was on his side or not. 

He’s the type of entrepreneur who identifies what a business can be worth firsthand. He looks at it like he’s already predicted the ending – how long is this venture going to last? With a strict set of principles, he turned from son of a cab driver to business tycoon. All with a fist full of confidence and ambition. Everyone who gambles at his tables would know his name now as the person who made $2.1 Billion in two short days.

The Marina Bay Sands constructed by Sheldon Adelson is rumored to cost $5.5 Billion

The Marina Bay Sands constructed by Sheldon Adelson is rumored to cost $5.5 Billion

His Life Story in a Nutshell

Sheldon Adelson was born in a poor neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts with a father who drove a taxicab for a living and a mother who sold knitting supplies. His start in life was rough as he had always known what living simply would be like. But he had a knack for business even while he was young. It’s been reported that by age 12, he’d already owned a small business selling humble toiletries.

And this start would prepare him for a better destiny in the years to come. After he had gone to college and earned a degree in corporate finance, he’d always dreamt of being rich as a broker. So he studied, trained and eventually landed a post as an investment adviser. When he got his first fortune, he went on to acquire many businesses including a condominium conversion business and then made money organizing a trade show for the computer industry.

The Venetian Macau costs $2.4 Billion

The Venetian Macau costs $2.4 Billion

You can say that he never stopped making money since the age of 12 and later on would be known as gambling’s main figure changing the way Asia would look at the casino business. His influence is one any businessman would like to have. Not only is he a billionaire, he’s also quite the philanthropist today.

Gambling’s Main Man

Sheldon was fast becoming his own brand by thinking out of the box. He was always looking into investing his money in the next lucrative trade. And while he was on a honeymoon vacation in Italy, he was inspired to go into the hotel business. His next step was to build a $1.5 Billion Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

With a net worth of $38 Billion, Sheldon Adelson is the richest gaming tycoon in the world

With a net worth of $38 Billion, Sheldon Adelson is the richest gaming tycoon in the world

His success there paved the way for another big venture in Asia. Because he’s one who can’t turn down a good deal when it’s offered, he would enter Asia and build the biggest resort in the Chinese-owned island of Macao – popular now as Asia’s main gambling capital. He embodies success with a vision and has a go-getting attitude needed of an entrepreneur. 

The Marina Bay Sands Singapore has 2500 luxury hotel rooms

The Marina Bay Sands Singapore has 2500 luxury hotel rooms

Despite his many legal woes, Sheldon Adelson is popular for bringing a gambling mecca in Asia like never before. His is a story worth telling because when you come from a humble start in life, it shouldn’t stop you from the success you wish to be. That has always been the bottom line. 

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