How Rich is Santa Anyway?

Every Christmas season his name will be mentioned by every family that celebrates Christmas. A popular figure of hope and happiness in the western world, his image has spread all over the world that even shopping malls in Asia has Santa Claus in their Christmas decoration. Well, children will only have this question "What will I get for Christmas?"

how rich is santa

The question for us at WorldsRichPeople is "How Rich Is Santa Claus"?

Let's do a simple calculation.

There are approximately 2 billion children in the world today. Santa is known for his generosity and has never been cheapskate. Some toys costs up to $1000 and Santa never complains. Of course, Santa has his army of little elfs to help him manufacture every kind of toy imaginable. Factories in China still have a lot to learn from Santa's workshop when it comes to making high quality goods in mass production.

Okay let's go back to the calculation again. Let's make it simple by giving the average cost of each toy to be $5. With over 2 billion children, each year will cost Santa at least $10 Billion just to make those little rascals happy.

Wait...we forget other assets. What about these...


Santa's Workshop

Santa's Sleigh

Estimated Worth

$350 Million

$5 Million

According to legend, Santa Claus started to become popular since 1823 through the poem " A visit from Saint Nicholas". Assuming that he spends $5-$10 Billion a year since 1823 to today, he would have spent a staggering $1.425 Trillion in gifts alone.

Adding all these facts together with his asset and the effect of compounding interest and all sorts of financial calculations, we estimate his net worth to be around the vicinity of $10 Trillion USD. That's enough money to last for 1000 generations!!!

how rich is santa

This guy is worth $10 Trillion 

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