How Facebook Made mark Zuckerberg A Billionaire And Changed The World We Live In

By Dan M. Shahar on March 29 2014

Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the world's most popular social networking sites today. And guess what? They just turned 10 this year. What a milestone huh? 

Facebook in a Nutshell

With just 10 years of existence, Facebook has managed to grow and improve itself despite the numerous controversies its founders had to deal with in the recent past. But in spite of all that, its constant evolution has brought forth millions and millions of people together, fostering family relationships across the miles, strengthening friendships,  and awakening (& occasionally reawakening) romantic relationships of various degrees.

Facebook has also helped businesses around the world, big or small, get their products introduced and reach their target audience for fees that could be adjusted to the size of their budget. Web-based games are launched, new deals and promotions are spread out and shared, and services are offered, giving users, customers and clients the freedom to choose without the feeling of being pressured into doing something they don't want to do. 

Through Facebook we can share with our 'friends' our thoughts, our emotions, our greatest achievements, milestones, and so on and so forth. We also have the freedom to 'unfriend' those who we think don't belong in our world, and reject anyone who we wouldn't want to be friends with at all.

Truly, Facebook has given us so much freedom to do what we want and share what we want. And if they were able to do all these in a platform that only had ten years of existence in the www, who knows what else they can do in the next ten, twenty, thirty years?

The Not so good things about Facebook

People in our friends list, no matter how close we are to some of them, don't seem to know what 'oversharing' means, which leads to some er, awkward moments that would make you want to click off your browser—or your Facebook app entirely. But that's what the beauty of adjusting your security and privacy settings are all about. 

Through Facebook, you can weed out the unwanted people in your life—and they don't even need to know about it! That's what makes Facebook so unique from all the others. 

Billions and Billions Served

Which comes as to no surprise why Facebook, no matter how much we love to hate it, still always manages to end up as one of the sites we first log on to the moment we turn our laptops on, or swipe open our mobile phones. 

Which also comes as to no surprise why Mark Zuckerberg, chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc., a few months shy of being 30 years old, has an estimated net worth of $28.7 billion. 

In 2008, it has been reported that Facebook had over a million users. By September of 2012, it reached 1 billion users and by December 31st of 2013, it has over 1.2 billion users all over the world. 

Facebook's annual revenue has also grown significantly from $52 million in 2006, to $7.8 billion in 2013. What are the chances that a 10 year old company would be worth so much at just a short amount of time? 

Since the dawn of the 21st century, hundreds of startup companies have tried their luck in making it big across the world wide web. They are all aspiring to become as successful as these Internet giants: Facebook, Google, and a whole lot of others. Will they succeed? Only time can tell. But one thing's for sure, love it or hate it, Facebook is not going anywhere.  

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