How Celine Dion Made
$400 Million And Achieved
Success As A Singer

On March 30th 1968, Celine Marie Claudette Dion was born in Quebec, Canada. She had thirteen older siblings and money was tight but she had her family’s support and a dream that she would make it some day with music. She turned out to be right and her current net worth is estimated at $400 Million.

celine dion is worth $400 Million

The Canadian singer amazed the whole world with her voice. Along the way, she made $400 Million for herself

Celine’s Humble Beginnings

Celine’s father was a butcher and her mother stayed at home looking after the entire brood but her parents were also musicians who ran the family’s small piano bar.

From the time she could speak, it was clear she had a rare talent and she performed with her family at their bar on weekends and developed her stage presence in that arena.

While the patrons were clearly appreciative of her talents, her family was certain she was destined for more and when she was twelve years old they made the first major steps toward ensuring her success.

With help from her mother and brother she put together a song called “Ce n'était qu'un rêve” which they recorded a demo of. This was put into the hands of manager Rene Angelil who immediately realized he was onto something special.

celine dion's magical voice

Celine's magical voice has touched the hearts of people around the world, winning her millions of fans

The Word Got Out

Rene Angelil was moved to tears by Celine’s voice and personally took on the financial burden of releasing her first album in 1981. Quebec loved her and the following year she took first place at Tokyo’s Yamaha World Song Festival.

Celine quit school to focus on music and continued to receive acclaim in the francophone world. In order to tackle the American market she underwent minor dental cosmetic surgery and learned English.

In 1990 she was confident enough in her new language to release a complete English album called “Unison”.

Superstardom And Awards

Her English debut yielded a string of hits but her status as a singer grew exponentially with her appearance alongside Peabo Bryson on the “Beauty and the Beast” single for Disney.

It earned her a Grammy. She followed this up with another album named after herself that was also very well received. Around this time, her relationship with her manager expanded into a romantic one which they kept hidden for fear that their 26 year age difference would disturb fans.

They eventually went public and in 1994 they got married. One of Celine’s most successful songs came from the Titanic soundtrack, “My Heart Will Go On” which won a Grammy, an Academy Award and an Oscar. 

celine dion achieves fame

Not only did she win an Academy Award, Grammy and Oscar, the Canadian singer earned her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Husband Down With Cancer

In 2000, Celine took a break from music to focus her efforts on being a wife and becoming a mother in response to her husbands diagnosis of throat cancer. Rene’s treatments were successful and Celine also gave birth to their son in 2001.

This was the same year that she released her first book, an autobiography titled “My Story, My Dream”. It detailed her rise to fame from a life of poverty all the way to the fertility issues she experienced in her efforts to start a family with her ailing husband. It became a best seller. 

celine dion's husband is the wind beneath her wings

Celine's husband was the wind beneath her wings. He personally invested money to produce her first album

A New Day

After half a decade away from the spotlight, Celine released “A New Day”. Some critics were unimpressed by the themes of love and joy that were woven through the lyrics but fans were quite receptive as the album went triple platinum.

By 2003 she had moved to Las Vegas with her family where she would perform in a show named after that album that showcased her amazing repertoire of hits. After five years of performing, Celine took another step back from the limelight to focus on adding to her family.

The road to conception was harder this time but in the end she gave birth to twin boys. By 2011 she was back to performing in Las Vegas in her new self titled show.

celine dion star on the hollywood walk of fame

Her achievement and her life is immortalized forever for all to see

Lessons We Can Learn From Celine Dion:

  • Learning a new language can open up a whole new world of opportunities to you
  • Chasing your dreams can change the course of your life dramatically
  • Having critics in no way diminishes your ability. 
  • Family is more important than all the successes in the world. At the end of the day, its not how much you achieve but what legacy you leave behind for your family.

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