The 10 Highest Paid Athletes
In The World (2013)

The sports and entertainment business is a booming one. With so many sports, and so many athletes on the scene, it’s time we let you know which ones reign supreme. From basketball stars, to golfers, and tennis, this list has it all. Here are the highest paid athletes in the world. 

Some money facts about the sports industry:

  • The US Sports Industry is worth more than $400 Billion and growing!
  • The global sports industry is worth $1.5 Trillion and growing!
  • The NFL generates $9 Billion in revenue a year
  • The Major League Baseball generates $7 Billion in revenue a year
  • The NBA generates about $4.6 Billion in revenue a year
  • Nascar Team revenue amounts to about $800 Million a year
  • 3 Million jobs (or 1% of the population) in America are dependent on the sports industry
  • About $28 Billion is spend on advertisement related to sports
  • More than 25% of sports tickets go unsold. This amounts to about $1 Billion lost revenue
  • The average cost of a 30 second commercial at the SuperBowl is $4 Million

1. Tiger Woods, Salary : $78 Million

tiger woods salary

At the top of our list is Mr. Tiger woods himself. Though this pro golfer has seen his fair share of controversy, he is still on top. The star lost millions in his cheating scandal back in 2009 when endorsers such as Gillette, AT&T, and Gatorade pulled out their deals. With all of that behind him the golfer was said to have made over $78 Million dollars last year. The golfer still has endorsement dealings with Nike and Rolex.  

2. Roger Federer, Salary : $71 Million

roger federer salary

Mr. Federer tops our list at number two. This 32 year old tennis star earned $71 million dollars. The tennis star from Switzerland has ten endorsement deals that earn him more than $40 million a year. 

3. Kobe Bryant, Salary : $62 Million

kobe bryant salary

Lakers star Kobe Bryant makes number three. This basketball star known for his Fade away, earned over $62 million at the end of 2013. This Newport Beach resident not only makes moves on the court, but makes moves with his endorser. With brands like Nike and Coca-Cola backing him, he is sure to earn even more in 2014. 

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4. LeBron James, Salary : $60 Million

lebron james salary

I’m not sure if number four is for this player, because he is the number one player in the game according to a lot of fans out there. This Miami Heat player has earned three championship rings in his career with the Heat and a cool $60 million to go along with them. Along with his rings, he also has a signature shoe with Nike. 

5. Drew Brees, Salary : $51 Million

drew brees salary

Football star Drew Brees comes in at number 5. The athlete grossed $51 million last year. The athlete, who plays for the New Orleans Saints, earned a Super Bowl title under the franchise. Along with his superbowl ring, he also has a charitable organization which gives over $17 million back to charitable causes and academic institutions.

6. Aaron Rodgers, Salary : $49 Million

aaron rodgers salary

Mr. Rodgers plays for Green Bay Packers. While he dropped out of the University of California Berkeley, the Green Bay star is schooling everyone on the field. This 30 year old football star has top grossing endorsements with Nike and State Farm. The football star earned $49 million last year.  

7. Phil Mickelson, Salary : $49 Million

phil mickelson salary

Mr. Mickelson comes in at number 7 on our list. Next to golfer Tiger woods, the star is the second highest grossing golfer earning $49 million. The star earned a degree from Arizona State University and has had 41 PGA victories in his career. 

8. David Beckham, Salary : $44 Million

david backham salary

David Beckham needs little introduction. This handsome soccer player earned $44 million last year. The soccer player is married to Scary Spice, Victoria Beckham. Not only does his soccer skills make mad money, so does his endorsement deals with H&M, Adidas, and many other companies.  

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9. Cristiano Ronaldo, Salary : $44 Million

cristiano ronaldo salary

The second Soccer star to grace our list is Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo. The star from Madrid earned over $44 million last year. After the star made 60 goals in 55 games, he was voted runner up for the world’s best soccer player. Ronaldo has major endorsements which are responsible for his earnings last year. Along with that, he is in talks with Real Madrid, which can bring in even more cash for him. 

10. Lionel Messi, Salary : $41 Million

lionel messi salary

Messi is the last to grace our list. Messi plays soccer. The star not only earned the title of the world’s best player of the year by FIFA, he also earned a cool $41 million. 

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