Hedge Fund Manager Net Worth

Trying to find out a hedge fund manager's net worth? There are many billionaire hedge fund managers out there. The industry is a lucrative one with many fund managers making the list of richest Americans. We have a list of the top hedge fund managers and their net worth here.

Daniel Loeb Net Worth

Daniel Loeb is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a New York-based hedge fund known as Third Point LLC. This privately-held hedge fund has a portfolio worth $14 billion.

Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth : $4.3 Billion March 18 2014

Paul Tudor Jones is a billionaire investor and one of the most successful traders. He graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Virginia. 

Kenneth Griffin Net Worth : $5.2 Billion March 18 2014

He has been ranked as one of the best-paid hedge fund managers. Kenneth Griffin is the CEO and founder of Citadel LLC. He started his hedge fund in his dorm room as a sophomore in Harvard University. 

Bruce Kovner Net Worth $4.8 Billion March 18 2014

Bruce Kovner is a prominent businessman and a legendary stock trader. His trading skills were so great that he was featured in Jack Schwager's book Market Wizard. 

James Simons Net Worth : $12.5 Billion March 17 2014

James Simons is a mathematician, a hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. He is a talented financial expert, and a pillar of intellectualism. 

Steve Cohen Net Worth $9.3 Billion March 17 2014

Wall Street has dubbed him the hedge fund king. Time 100 has named him one of the most influential people. Born in 1956, Steve A. Cohen is one of the richest hedge fund managers.

David Tepper Net Worth $7.9 Billion March 17 2014

David Tepper is a renowned American hedge fund manager. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania. His mother, Roberta, was an elementary school teacher, and his father worked as an accountant.

Ken Fisher Net Worth $2.4 Billion March 17 2014

Born in 1950, Kenneth Lawrence Fisher is an investment analyst, and a regular columnist for the Forbes magazine. In 1979, he founded Fisher Investments...

Ray Dalio Net Worth : $14.4 Billion March 17 2014

The 64 -year-old fund manager has been described by Bloomberg Markets as one of the most influential people. Born in New York, Ray Dalio began investing at an early age. 

Jim Cramer Net Worth $100 Million March 17 2014

Most people know him for being the host of Mad Money. Jim Cramer is not only a prolific media personality he is also a bestselling author and a financial guru. 

John Paulson Net Worth : $13.5 Billion March 17 2014

John Paulson is a successful American investor, hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He is the founder, President, Director and Portfolio Manager of a New York-based hedge fund known as Paulson & Co. Inc.

George Soros Net Worth : $23 Billion March 17 2014

George Soros is a Hungarian-born, American-bred self-made billionaire, whose wealth amounts to $23 Billion (as of March 2014). He is a highly successful business mogul, investor, trader...

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