Why You Should Drink Green Tea Instead Of Coffee

Thumbs up if you agree that drinking green tea is better than coffee. I guess even coffee enthusiasts agree with that. I am a coffee lover. It gives me strength and my concentration improves tremendously when I drink coffee. There's just a little problem when I stop drinking coffee. I just can't live without it. Once I stop drinking coffee, I get extremely tired.

green tea

For those of you who rely on coffee to keep yourself up during the night or in the morning, try switching to green tea instead. Coffee should not be something that help you perform better in your work. It's just like steroids. Like an athlete that stop taking steroids, your performance will drop.

Drinking green tea has lots of benefits. They have antioxidants which helps to prevent cancer. It has also been proven that those who drink green tea live longer. Just ask our Japanese friends.

It's not wrong to enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee now and then. But if you rely on coffee for performance, think again. A good nights rest is better than 10 cups of coffee.

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