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Glenn Close Net Worth $20 Million

Glenn Close is an American-born television, film and stage actress who began her professional career in the mid-70’s, and did numerous Broadway productions, including Tony Award winning performances in "Sunset Boulevard”, "Death and the Maiden", and “The Real Thing". And, ever since the early 80’s, she has appeared in critically successful films and television shows, like "Fatal Attraction", "The Big Chill" and "Hamlet".

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Other famous works include , “Dangerous Liaisons", "101 Dalmatians", "In the Gloaming", "Sarah, Plain and Tall", "The Shield" and "Damages". She has also been nominated for 5 Oscars, and has won 2 Golden Globes and 2 Emmys. Thanks to her versatility as an actress, she’s nowadays considered by many to be one of the greatest thespians of all time. She has been nominated by the Academy six times, setting the record for being the actress with most nominations (that has never won). In addition, Close has also been nominated 3 times for a Grammy Award and once for a BAFTA. This distinguished actress has had an extensive career, even though she started acting in Broadway musicals. She appeared as Norma Desmond in the musical play Sunset Boulevard, and won various Tony Awards for The Real Thing (1984), and for Death and the Maiden (1992).

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She has even performed at Carnegie Hall. Having a privileged voice, she even provided the voice of the "Giant" in the musical production Into the Woods at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. Her personal life is also a success story! She married executive & businessman David Evans Shaw in Maine (in 2006). Also, she’s second cousins (once removed) with fellow actress, Brooke Shields. And, maybe you didn’t know this, but Glenn loves dogs so much she is a blog writer for (where she interviews other celebrities about their owner-dogs relationships). Other two things that you didn’t know about Glenn Close is that this actress has had her DNA sequenced and that she’s into politics; she has donated money to the campaigns of many Democratic candidates, like Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. And, as a philanthropist, Close was one of the founders of BringChange2Mind, a campaign dedicated to eradicating the stigma around mental illness.

She is also the chairman of her organization, to show support for her sister Jessie, who suffers from bipolar disorder. Glenn has done many things for this non-profit organization, like selling over 380 designer items on eBay, that where part of the wardrobe of her character Patty Hewes in Damages (July 2013). All proceeds from this effort would go to her charity. So, she’s an excellent actress and caring person, an uncommon combination! But maybe, Glenn Close doesn’t need recognition for her amazing work, and that is obviously not her priority. After all, she’s got everything a successful woman could ask for, and has taken it upon herself to be an agent of change in this world. Never mind her net worth of $20 million; she’s someone that’s interested in more important things, which all of us should be!

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