Fidel Castro Net Worth

Fidel Castro Net Worth $930 Million

Fidel A. Castro was born in 1926. He pursued a career in law at the University of Havanna in 1945 where he became involved in politics and joined the Orthodox party. This party lobbied to have the government drastically reformed to reduce corruption. He afterwards became a lawyer, politician and revolutionary. He was imprisoned in 1953 after an attempt that was unsuccessful at Moncada Barracks.

Fidel was actively involved in the Cuban revolution between 1956 and 1959, which succeeded in removing dictator Batista from power. He was a force to reckon with as for many years he defied the U.S. government who in turn tried to replace him or assassinate him. This was because of his controversial and divisive politics. Fidel actively participated in the rebellions that targeted right-wing governments like those in the Dominican Republic and Colombia. He served in various capacities like being the Cuba prime minister for 17 years. He eventually became president of Cuba from 1976-2008.

fidel castro net worth

In Cuba, the opinion towards him has always been divided with some considering him a monster and a communist who ruined Cuba and others considering him as a visionary who saved Cuba from capitalism. He has a net worth of $930 million.

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