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The Story of How Andrew Carnegie Became One Of The Richest Man Ever In America! April 5 2014

This is the story of how the son of a Scottish hand-loom weaver who had no formal education beat the odds and went on to become one of the most...

How Li Ka Shing, The Superman of Hong Kong Became The Richest Man In Asia, A Rags To Riches Story April 4 2014

Li Ka Shing was only 14 years old when he became the breadwinner of his family. Just a few months after they took refuge in Hong Kong from Guangdong, China...

The Most Expensive Wines That Fit A Billionaire April 4 2014

Rare items in the world can retain their value even in the difficult times of war and financial crises. We can safely include wine into this exclusive list...

6 Out of This World Travel Destinations For The Rich April 3 2014

The rich travel for many different reasons.  Sometimes they seek privacy; a respite from the responsibilities of life. Other times they aim to socialize...

10 Most Expensive Furniture In The World April 2 2014

The average shopper will spend 10-1000$ for a sofa, but the filthy rich don’t mind splurging millions on pieces of furniture. We have rounded up a list...

7 Unknown Tech Companies In Israel That Are Transforming And Changing Our Everyday Lives April 1 2014

To the rest of the world, Israel is known only as a religious mecca where Christianity started. Its contribution to the world of business is not really...

Top 10 Football WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) March 31 2014

 With Greek like bodies, unimaginable fame and bucket loads of money at their disposal, footballers are the ultimate women magnets. 

Here Are The 6 Expensive Restaurants Around The World You Should Not MissMarch 30 2014

A fine dining experience is something to be treasured.  It’s not just the quality of the food that gives patrons pause, but the exceptional service...

How Facebook Made Mark Zuckerberg A Billionaire and Changed The World We Live In March 29 2014

Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the world's most popular social networking sites today. And guess what? 

The 10 Largest Hedge Funds in the World March 28 2014

Hedge funds have become bigger and more concentrated globally than they were a decade ago. They play an important role in financial markets...

How The Iron Man Series Propelled Robert Downey Jr. to Financial SuccessMarch 28 2014

Tony Stark is sexy.  In Iron Man, he delivers lines like, “A wise man once asked, 'Is it better to be feared or respected?' I say, is it too much...

10 Richest Politicians In America Who Rule The United States March 27 2014

These are the richest people that govern and rule America. They are the leaders who fight for American’s rights. Some Americans see them as heroes...

Tips For Purchasing Your Own Private Island March 26 2014

What do Eddie Murphy, Larry Ellison and Celine Dion have in common? Besides being incredibly wealthy and famous, these three individuals...

The Most Expensive Watches That Fit A Billionaire March 25 2014

Some watches are so expensive that it can’t all be about functionality. Most of the time, it’s about prestige and status and wealth.

Top 10 Most Valuable Baseball Cards In The World March 24 2014

Collecting baseball cards has now become such a favorite hobby for both the young and old. Yes, collecting cards with pictures of famous athletes...

The Most Expensive Books In The World March 22 2014

Well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the most expensive books are unsurprisingly rare. The following is a list of the top 10...

The 10 Most Expensive Bikes In The World March 21 2014

There’s something liberating about driving a powerful bike, which is why millions of people world-wide long for owning one of those wonders. 

10 Highest Paid Disc Jockeys In The World March 20 2014

Once considered an expensive hobby, the DJ world has in the last decade become the career du jour. Some of the top names in the industry were unknown...

The Top 5 Highest Paid Celebrity Couples March 19 2014

Celebrity status comes and goes.  One day you own a sports team, the next day it’s gone.  One year you’re at the top of your game...

10 Top Money Making Apps In The World March 18 2014

Who ever thought that the apps industry can be a multi-million dollar one? You won't believe how these games and apps print money out of thin air...

10 Rich And Alluring Victoria Secret Models March 17 2014

Modelling seems like a lucrative job. But posing in front of a camera is no easy job. These models have worked very hard and now they are worth millions.

The 10 Most Valuable Brands In The World March 15 2014

Here are the 10 most valuable brands in the world. They are also the most recognizable brands in the world and they impact the lives...

Sports For The Rich March 14 2014

Sports should be accessible to anyone who wants to exercise or just have a good time. However there are some that costs a bomb just to get started...

10 Highest Grossing Movies in 2013 March 13 2014

Hunger Games : Catching Fire tops the list with Iron Man 3 coming in at second place. Surprisingly, an animated Disney cartoon takes 3rd place...

The Rise of Katy Perry. How This Singer Made $100 Million! March 12 2014

She conquered the world with her voice and music. The superstar singer showed us the she can "Roar!" and also make millions from her work.

The Top Oil Companies That Dominate Our World March 11 2014

Top oil companies are making lots and lots of money as there exist a need for oil everywhere, and every day. I mean there is just no way a person can go without it.

5 Elite U.S. Ski Spots March 10 2014

Skiing is an expensive activity. If you’re wealthy, and you seek a high-class skiing experience in the United States, check out this list

5 Of The Most Expensive Cruises For The Rich March 9 2014

Want to know which are the most expensive cruises in the world? Check it out here. There's one that costs more than $1.5 Million...

The Most Expensive Buildings In The World March 8 2014

They are magnificent, awe inspiring, breathtaking and most of all they are extremely expensive. Check out these buildings that cost billions to build...

10 Lucky Women Who Were Able to Snag a Billionaire Husband March 7 2014

And they lived happily ever after and never needed to lift a finger. Meet these 10 lucky girls who have too much money and don't know where to spend it.

What The Rich Read March 7 2014

Ever wonder what rich people read? What separates them from the rest of the pack is the quality of information that enters their head. No wonder most people are so poor.

How Taylor Swift Made $250 Million In Record Time! March 6 2013

Not only is Taylor Swift famous, this young and talented singer/songwriter was able to amassed a huge fortune for herself in a short period of time...

The Highest Paid Actors In 2013 March 6 2014

Hollywood is just not fair! The actors on this list makes more in one movie than 95% other actors make in a life time. Well, perhaps that's what makes Hollywood special.

10 Rich and Famous Celebrities Who Have Breast Implants March 5 2014

Does bigger boobs help boost a celebrity's net worth? We are always fascinated with large breasts. Let's take a look if bigger means better...

Top 10 Richest (Self Made) Female Billionaires  March 4 2014

It’s one thing marrying a rich man, or having a billionaire for a father, but to make it to the top 10 billionaire list all on your own!? Now that’s something! 

The 10 Richest Tech Entrepreneurs In The World March 4 2014

Technological advancements of the 20th and 21st century have made room for a lot of new billionaires in the world.  Who are the top ten richest?

5 Biggest & Most Expensive Armies In The World March 3 2014

I guess you would shake your head when you read about the insane amount countries spend on defense. What a waste of funds which could be use to...

10 Richest Female Billionaires Who  Inherited Their Wealth March 3 2014

Is it a coincidence that the top 10 female billionaires in this world inherited their wealth. Are women less capable of making it into top list on their own?

Getting Close To The American Rich March 2 2014

It’s easier to meet wealthy people if you’re near wealthy people.  To accomplish this, you can play the numbers game and hang in highly...

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home Purchase  March 1 2014

Purchasing a home used to be considered the biggest investment in an individual’s life and a secure way to build equity.  The idea was to buy a home...

3 Healthy Habits on the Way to Wealth Feb 28 2014

Why do some people end up in the poorhouse?  To be fair, some start there and never make it out.  Learn the habits of successful and rich people.

10 Simple Ways To Save Money - The Effective and Proven Way Feb 27 2014

If you don't save, your financial future will never be secure. All billionaires and millionaires we have written that have wealth that lasts a lifetime have somehow managed to keep more than the spend. Learn their secrets...

5 Ways To Look Like Old Money  Feb 26 2014

Want to know how to show or convince others that you are rich? The super wealthy and upper class surely dress in a way that is different from others. Learn the difference.

Top 5 Holidays Destinations The Richest Go To Feb 25 2014

Are you a billionaire looking for inspiration for your next travel adventure? If the answer is no, then the right question to ask is, are you hoping to find a holiday destination that will allow you to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous during your next trip?

Luxury Cars For The Billionaires & Millionaires Feb 24 2014

Find out what cars you should buy if you want to join the billionaire club. Here are 5 luxury cars that most of us can only dream of...

Top Careers for the Self-Made Millionaire Feb 23 2014

If you are fresh from high school and wondering which career path to chose in order to be a millionaire, here are some suggestions for you.

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