25 Facts About Bill Gates
That Will Surprise You

25 amazing facts about bill gates

People who do not have a clue to who Bill Gates is must have lived in caves for the past couple of decades. The genius business magnate, computer programmer is the founder of Microsoft and is the richest man alive. We have compiled 25 facts about Bill Gates that will bound to surprise you.

  1. Bill Gates was inventing programs since age 17 and selling them too. He sold a time-table program system to his high school for around $4,200.
  2. While still in high school, Bill Gates was banned from using the computer by Computer Center Corporation. He was reported to exploit the computer’s system bugs in order to steal time. 
  3. The genius scored 1590 on his SAT which corresponds to having an IQ of around 170. The score at that time was only a few marks short of the highest score 1600.
  4. Although Bill Gates is a Harvard dropout, he was given an honorary degree by Harvard in 2007 for obvious reasons.
  5. He joined the billionaire club when he was 31 and became the richest man on earth in 1995. 
  6. When the net worth of Bill Gates surpassed $100 billion in 1999, a new term “centibillionaire” was coined by the mass media.
  7. Bill Gates has had the distinct honor of receiving an honorary knighthood from the Queen of England. His selfless work in helping reduce poverty and improving health in the third world countries was the primary reason behind the recognition.
  8. While still a sophomore at Harvard, Bill Gates wrote a pancake sorting algorithm which held the record of being the fastest solving solution in a combinatorics class for over 30 years.
  9. Bill Gates has a fetish for Da Vinci’s works. In order to get his hands on a collection of writings by Leonardo Da Vinci, the man splashed over $30 million in 1994. 
  10. The billionaire has promised to donate most of his cash to charity. It has been reported that the man has kept only $10 million in his will to each of his children. 
  11. The reason he stays away from Facebook is because of overwhelming friend requests. The man is active on Twitter though.
  12. According to reports, Bill Gates makes $250 every second which adds up to $15,000 per minute and results in around $20 million every day.
  13. To date, Bill Gates and his wife through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have donated over $28 billion.
  14. Bill Gates along with fellow billionaires Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg have pledged through the “Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge”, to donate half of their wealth to charities all over the world. 
  15. He met his wife Melinda while she was a worker in Microsoft in 1987.
  16. Bill Gates has been the Pele of predictions. Like Pele making wrong football predictions, Gates also wrongly predicted that spammed email messages would be eliminated by 2004. 
  17. If Bill Gates were a country, his net worth would make him the 37th richest country in the world. 
  18. Bill Gates doesn’t believe in donating money to Cancer research facilities as he thinks the whole world is already invested in that. Instead he focuses on eradicating malaria.
  19. His wife and children are never to own or use Apple products. When people get richer, they buy Apple products, don’t they?
  20. Apart from Microsoft, Bill Gates is also the brain behind Corbis, Terra Power and Research Gate.
  21. Not much is known about Bill’s affinity towards cars. He is reportedly a Porsche collector. He owns a Porsche 911 and a 88 Porsche 959 Coupe. We wouldn’t be surprised if he owned the company itself.
  22. In a candid interview, Bill Gates admitted to being teased by his kids. His kids would often sing the song Billionaire by Bruno Mars to him.
  23. The first ever program written by Bill Gates was a tic tac toe game in a 2 player format. A single player would go tic tac toe to toe with the computer. 
  24. His most embarrassing moment came when he was hit in the face with cream tarts in Brussels, Belgium in 1998. The actor, writer Noel Godin was the culprit. 
  25. He has been fired once in his life. Atari programmer Alan Miller was responsible for his sacking. 

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