The Success Story Of Elvis Presley, Fame And $300 Million Fortune

Even long after his death, Elvis Presley still continues to be one of the most famous musicians of all time. His legend remains to live on as proven by his album sales. He is one of the best-selling solo artist even to this very day, with 600 million units sold all over the world. 

Presley had a net worth of $300 million and has been nominated for a number of Grammy awards. Out of 14 nominations, he won 3. At the age of 36, he received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and has also been inducted into the hall of fame a number of times. 

elvis presley success storyThe King himself was worth $300 Million at his death. If he were alive today, he might be worth more than $1 Billion! But he left us songs we will always remember...

Presley's Early Life

Elvis was born on the 8th of January, 1935 in Mississippi. Not a lot of people know this, but Elvis was born with a twin brother. Unfortunately, the boy who was born 35 minutes before Elvis and was given the name Jesse Garon was stillborn. Though his parents were devastated with the fact their first son's life ended even before it had started, they showered Elvis with so much love and care while growing up that he formed a strong bond with them, especially his mother.

They were very active in church, which was also where Elvis discovered his love for music and where he found inspiration in singing. However, when Elvis was only 3 years old, they lost their home and his father went to jail for 8 months, during which time he and his mother moved in with relatives.


Elvis already had a passion for singing at a very young age but he would never share his talents to the public as he was very shy. When he was in 1st grade, his teachers urged him to join a singing contest after he was heard singing “Old Shep”. He won 5th place. 

Elvis grew up in an African-American neighborhood and is often regarded as a loner. He was always with his guitar when in school and can often be found singing “hillbilly” music. This led him to being booked in the WELO radio station in Tupelo to sing live. Though he was not able to go through with his first performance because of nervousness, he was able to follow through the next week.

elvis presley wannabeeAlmost 40 years after his death, his memory still lives on in our lives. Ever year, thousands of fans and impersonators join contests to see who can be most like "The King"

Growing Passion

As a teenager, Elvis was bullied as a “Mama's Boy,” and was considered an average student. One time in middle school, he was given a C in music and to prove to his teacher that she was wrong, he brought his guitar the next day and sang for her. This made her change her mind about him, but not about his kind of singing.

Elvis also worked numerous jobs as a teenager. At that time, they already moved to Memphis. One of his jobs was an usher at Loew's State Theater. He also worked at other companies, going back to Loew's in between.

It was in high school that he started to become more popular among the other kids in school. He had already acquired his own style and would fix his hair with Vaseline and rose oil. He joined a talent show and recalled hearing grumbling from the crowd because at that time, nobody knew he can sing. After his performance though, people started to change their mind about the loner boy.

No Formal Training In Music

It's amazing how everything Elvis achieved was all because of his hard work and perseverance. He never received any formal training when it comes to singing and playing the guitar. His passion for music was apparent, as he consistently worked on it everyday. He studied and read music and played everything by ear. He frequently listened to other country singers such as Bob Wills, Ted Daffan, and Roy Acuff, just to name a few.  By the time Elvis graduated, he made up his mind that he would make a career out of his God-given talent and passion for music.

He was told so many times that he didn't know how to sing—but he always knew he did, and that he was unique. Asked one time who he sounded like, he replied, “I don't sound like anybody.”

The rest, as they say, was history for the young man who became famous for his looks, his stage presence, and his raw talent when it comes to singing and dancing.

lisa marie presleyElvis's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley is the only child of Elvis. She inherits her dad's estate along with all the fortune and fame

A $1 Billion Fortune?

It's rather unfortunate that Elvis died of drug overdose on August 16 1977. We can only wonder what will happen if the star is alive today. With his charms, good looks and talent, who knows? Perhaps he could be one of the singers in the world today who is a billionaire. Well, though he has gone before us, he left a legacy behind and wonderful songs that all of us still enjoy to our twilight years.

The Recipe For Success

Elvis made up his mind what he wanted to be, and he didn't care what other people would say. He certainly didn't care if anything's going to stand in his way, as long as he fulfilled his dreams. And that, if nothing else, is the best recipe for success.

  • Don't be shy to let the world know who you are and what you're made of, not even if they think of you as weird or a fool. Some of the greatest men in the world were regarded as big fools at first.
  • Not everything in life is going to be taught in school. 
  • Pave your own way to success. It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you keep going.

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