Famous DJs Net Worth

Wonder how much your favorite djs got in the bank? Here is a list of famous djs and how much they are worth.

DJ Khaled Net Worth $15 Million

DJ Khaled was born on November 26, 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a Palestinian American rapper, although he did not want to be a rapper...

Armin Van Buuren Net Worth $40 Million

Armin Van Buuren was born in Leiden, Netherlands on 25th December 1976. He was born in a musical family and indulged in his passion...

David Guetta Net Worth $30 Million

The Paris born French DJ famous for his house music is worth a sky high $30 million. Although he was the son of a restaurant owner, he went on to...

Daft Punk Net Worth $120 Million

Famed for their DJ skills and musical prowess, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are the two members of Daft Punk. 

Pauly D Net Worth $16 Million

Pauly D is a Disc Jockey and a TV personality. The world set its eyes on him in 2009 when he got a role on MTV’s Jersey Shore. 

Tiesto Net Worth $75 Million

Tijs Michiel Verwest is a man that has gone by several aliases, but he is most known for his work under the name DJ Tiesto. 

Kaskade Net Worth $20 Million

Being a DJ has never been so lucrative as Kaskade, who made a cool $16 million in 2013. Born in 1971, Ryan Raddom grew up...

Afrojack Net Worth $17 Million

It’s not every day you can say you bought a $1 million super car, wrecked it an hour later and bought another one the next day, but DJ Afrojack sure can. 

Avicii Net Worth $33 Million

He is the record producer behind the highly addictive “Wake me up” a song that became a smashing hit in 2013 with over 1.8 million downloads.

Skrillex Net Worth $16 Million

From the lead singer of a post-hardcore rock band to being one of the most prolific producers in recent times, Sonny John Moore... 

Swedish House Mafia Net Worth $15 Million

Swedish House Mafia was a three-member group that hailed from Sweden. The dance trio split up in 2012... 

Steve Aoki Net Worth $33 Million

The son of former Japanese wrestler, Steven Hiroyuki Aoki has taken a different career path from his father. 

Deadmau5 Net Worth $18 Million

With a nickname that suggests a dead mouse, Joel Thomas Zimmerman is probably one of Canada’s greatest exports...

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