David and Simon Reuben

David and Simon Reuben are self-made British billionaires, and besides being exceedingly successful businessmen, they are also philanthropists. They are currently ranked as the second richest duo in the United Kingdom.

david and simon reuben

Quick Facts

Net Worth: $10.5 billion

Source: Real Estate, Investments, Self-made 

Age: David–72, Simon–69 

Nationality: United Kingdom

Residence: David-Monaco and Florida, Simon-Monaco

Marital Status: Both married


David (age 72) and Simon (age 69) were born in Mumbai to a well-to-do Jewish family. Their family relocated to London when David and Simon were at their teenage years. These brothers are not just famous in the UK, but they are also well known in the world for their expansive business activities. They are the joint CEO’s of ‘Reuben Brothers’, which is a privately held company based in Switzerland. In the 2013 Forbes List of Billionaires, they are ranked at number 103 in the world with an estimated net worth of $10.5 billion.

reuben brothers

Reuben Brothers

This is a privately owned company based in Switzerland with diverse departments in various countries including the UK.  It is jointly owned by David and Simon Reuben and this company has been involved in a variety of key business transactions including real estate, venture capitalism and private equity. 

Reuben Brothers was founded in the 1980s and was initially started for the purpose of holding the family’s assets in the metal market in Russia. Their business became very successful such that Reuben Brothers become the worlds largest Aluminium Company at one point. Unfortunately, the Russian business environment suddenly became unconducive for them such that they opted to put up their Russian assets for sale. They shifted their business activities to the property market in the UK. 

Together with other companies, Reuben Brothers has not only financed various major acquisitions, but has also made investments in technology companies. This company has also moved to enlarge its interests in mining, whereby it has an assortment of mines in South Africa, Indonesia and Morocco.

david and simon reuben
david and simon reuben

Reuben Foundation

David and Simon Reuben are also renowned for their philanthropic activities through the Reuben Foundation. The two brothers are active in running this foundation that mainly donates to the education and health care sectors. It has completed and launched many projects and programmes in different parts of the world to help the needy and deprived.

david and simon reuben

Other Interests

The two brothers also have their interest in horseracing. They now control 48% of all horseracing in the United Kingdom, following the acquisition of Arena Leisure on March 2013. They are also intensifying their data center business, GlobalSwitch in Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong. They are also co-investors of Blue Inc and D2 Jeans clothing retailers with Sir Stuart Rose. They are also in a 50/50 shared venture with Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts to build-up a new apart-hotel in the City of London.

Personal Lives

David and Simon are both married with children. They live in their luxurious mansions – David’s in London and Simon’s in Monaco. 

Interesting Facts about David and Simon Reuben

  • They are both Chelsea fans.
  • They are both yacht enthusiasts and co-owned an exceedingly luxurious 74-meter long Siren yacht in 2009. Reports say that they spent a couple of millions of dollars on the yacht. 
  • Despite being world-renowned billionaires, these brothers mostly shy away from publicity stunts and have made very few media appearances.  In fact, the younger brother, David, has been interviewed once by a British publication, and even that one time was accidental. 
  • They both live in the UK tax free, as long as they have their money in a British bank.

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