Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portugese football player with a net worth of over $150 million. He plays for the famous Spanish club Real Madrid and earns over $40 million in salary and endorsements.

Quick Facts

Net Worth: $150 million

Source: Football, Endorsements

Born: Feb 05 1985 

Nationality: Portugese

cristiano ronaldo

Highest Paid Footballer in the World

Ronaldo's $200 million contract extension with Real Madrid made him the highest paid footballer in the world, with an earnings of over $21 million per year in salary. Before that, Ronaldo's switch from ManU to Real Madrid for £80m had made him the most expesive footballer of the world until Gareth Bale's tranfer to Real Madrid in 2013.

cristiano ronaldo

Football Career

Ronaldo started his football career by playing for the portugese football clubs Andorinha and C.D. Nacional as a youth player. In 1997 he was choosen by the most prestigious club of Portugal, Sporting Lisbon. In 2003 he was signed by Sir Alex Ferguson to play for Manchester United in a deal of $12.24 million. While at United, his skills began to shine quite quickly and he became the team's star. The 2006-07 season proved to be a great season for Ronaldo as he won his first premier league title with Manchester United. In March 2007, Ronaldo was signed by the Spanish giants Real Madrid for a staggering £80m, making him the most expensive footballer of that time. He currently plays as a striker for Madrid.

After an astonishing season (2007-2008) with Manchester United, Ronaldo was nominated and eventually awarded the Ballon D'Or. This award is given by the magazine France Football to the best footballer in a specific calendar year.

cristiano ronaldo

Best in the World

Along with Lionel Messi, Ronaldo is regularly considered as one of the two best footballers in the world. With his exceptional dribbling skills on the field and killer charms off it, Ronaldo is impossible to resist for anyone. He is regarded as the finest footballer of the modern era.


Ronaldo has a long list of awards. 3 Premier League Titles, 1 UEFA Champions League, 1 FA Cup, 1 Community Shield, 1 Ballon d'Or, 1 Portugese Footballer of the Year, 2 European Golden Shoe, 1 World Soccer Player of the Year, 1 Football League Cup, 1 Copa del Ray, 1 La Liga Title.

International Career

Ronaldo first played for the Portugal national team in 2003 against Kazakhstan. Since then, he has played in the 5 major tournaments, UEFA Euro (2004-2008-2012) and WorldCup (2006-2010),  for Portugal. He was made captain of the Portugal national team in July 2008 and he is also the 3rd highest capped player of Portugal having played over 100 matches for the team. 

cristiano ronaldo girlfriend

Personal Life

Ronaldo is currently dating a Russian Model, Irina Shayk, known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. He also has a son named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr (born 2010) whose mother's name is not disclosed yet because of privacy reasons.

cristiano ronaldo madrid house


Cristiano Ronaldo lives in a luxurious mansion in Madrid that costs more than $7.2 million. It is located in a posh area of Madrid, Spain and is designed by famous architect Joaquin Torres.


In 2004 Cristiano Ronaldo stepped forward to raise funds for the earthquake disaster victims in Indonesia. He also reportedly donated an amount of £100,000 for the construction of a cancer treatment center in Madeira. Other than that his boots were also auctioned to support the schools of Gaza and Palestine.


Cristiano Ronaldo signed many famous sponsorships which added to his popularity. Some of the famous brands endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo are Nike, Armani, Coca-Cola, Castrol, Herbalife, Konami and Motorola. All of his endorsement deals have earned him an estimated $21 million till now.

Interesting Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

  • His name 'Ronaldo' was inspired by his father's favorite actor Ronald Reagan.
  • He was the first Portuguese player to be signed by the famous club Manchester United.
  • Ronaldo does not drink or smoke because it reminds him of his father who was an alcoholic.
  • Ronaldo does not have any tattoos on his body because he regularly donates blood.
  • The percentage of fat on Ronado's body is 10%. Catwalk models are known to have a percentage of 13%.
  • He has gone through a heart operation, when he was only 15.
  • Back when he was a kid, Ronaldo hit his teacher with a chair because he made fun of his accent.
  • Ronaldo gives a large amount of his earnings to charity. He also paid for the cancer treatment of a nine year old boy.
  • He runs an average of 10.5 kms in a match which is equal to 936 twists of a Formula one car in Monaco Grand Prix.
  • Ronaldo's free kick speed is 130km/h which is four times faster than Apollo 11's launching speed.
  • His favourite actress is Angelina Jolie.

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