Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

By Abijah Keru on March 19 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth $181 Million

In 2011, this famous footballer was quoted saying people are envious of him because he is young, rich, and handsome. While that is true, it seems fans do not appreciate it when celebs toot their own horns. He was accused of being arrogant and narcissistic. He has since apologized for the statement. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in 1985 in Santo António, Portugal. 

His mother worked as a cook, and his father was a municipal gardener. Cristiano may be able to pop champagne bottles and fly in private jets, but growing up, his life was far from glamour. He had to share one room with his two sisters and brother, and his parents had to struggle to make ends meet.

Cristiano started by playing for Andorinha a small football club in Portugal before joining the famous Sporting Clube de Portugal a hot-bed for skilled young footballers. His on-pitch swagger saw him become the first player to run out for the club’s under-16, under-17, and under-18 teams. In 2002, Ronaldo came to the attention of Alex Ferguson when Sporting netted 3 goals beating Manchester United 3-1. Impressed by Ronaldo’s supreme performance, Ferguson signed him to Manchester United for an eye-popping €15 million. 

Probably the best move Ferguson ever made for the club. He scored his first goal for Manchester United in 2003 with a free kick in a 3-0 win over Portsmouth. He continued to shine through the 2003-2006 season netting 3 goals for United. Ronaldo showed his avid appetite for scoring goals in the 2006-2007 season where he got his first league title with Manchester United breaking his 20 goal barrier. 

His stay with United propelled him to greatness and earned him a string of accolades and awards including the PFA Young Player of the Year Award. In 2009, the Portuguese winger joined Real Madrid after the club splashed a whopping € 94 million, which earned Ronaldo the top position as the most expensive player. We reckon he is going to be retaining that position for years to come. The team that decides to buy Ronaldo (if he ever leaves Madrid) will have to pay the club a staggering $1 billion.

Ronaldo wasted no time in showing his supreme skills with his new club. He scored his first goal with Madrid one week after his debut with the club. In 2010, Ronaldo had a stunning on pitch performance when he scored four goals in a single match.

He has had a glittering football career with the club having scored over 300 goals. His sublime skills continue to dominate in football, and FIFA seemingly acknowledges his prowess. He won the FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2013 and came in second place in 2011 and 2012.

His killer looks have seen him land lucrative deals from the likes of Armani where he works as a model. He also owns a fashion boutique under the name CR7. What does the rich footballer spend his money on? 

His lifestyle certainly measures up to his fat pay check. He owns a fleet of cars and doesn’t mind splurging his money on his girlfriend Irina Shayk. He has also supported charitable causes. In 2011, he auctioned his football boots whose proceeds funded schools in Palestine. Love him or hate him the 29 year old is laughing all the way to the bank with a staggering net worth of $181 Million.

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