10 Rich and Famous Celebrities
Who Have Breast Implants

By Tamara Frittella March 5 2014

Why is it that celebrity breast implants always seem to intrigue us? Is it because we love to know all the private information of our favourite stars? Or do we feel better about ourselves knowing that they don’t actually all have “perfect” bodies? Whatever it is, the fact remains that fake boobs, and the celebs who wear them, bring us great amusement! One interesting question is, does bigger boobs boosts a celebrity's net worth? Well let’s take a look at 10 famous celebrities with famous breasts.

The Most Famous Set of Silicone 

When someone says “breast implants”, you have to admit that Pamela Anderson is the first woman that comes to mind. She is one of the female ambassadors for plastic surgery. She elected to have her breasts increased to a DD-cup back in 1990 when she was modelling for Playboy magazine. Since then she has had a couple of fix up surgeries, and a few mess ups as well, however she remains the celebrity with the most famous hooters.

Pamela Anderson’s Net Worth Is $5 Million

A Job Gone Wrong

This is a difficult one to call. There are so many dodgy plastic surgeons doing Hollywood’s boobs, we should question whether or not they should be allowed to practise at all! However, the title of the worst boob job gone horribly wrong must be awarded to Tori Spelling. She would be better off with no boobs at all.

Tori Spelling’s Net Worth Is $1.5 Million

A Bad Match

Victoria Beckham’s breasts do not match her size or her frame. Maybe she was going for the soccer ball look? We’re not sure, but they have certainly caused quite a stir in the media.

Victoria Beckham’s Net Worth Is $300 Million

WAY Too Big

The Hill’s star, Heidi Montag, used to have a tiny set of boobs. She went under the knife in 2010, making her breasts an enormous F-cup. Was this really necessary? We didn’t think so! Finally in 2013, she came to her senses and got them reduced to a size C-cup. Much better Heidi!

Heidi Montag’s Net Worth Is Less Than $10,000

Hardly a Difference Makes a Big Difference

Kate Hudson wasn’t born with the best or biggest breasts. On the contrary she was rather lacking in that department. She treated herself on her 31st birthday, with a little bit of subtle surgery. A small increase in size, but what a difference it made!

Kate Hudson’s Net Worth Is $35 Million

The Just Right Size

Kelly Rowland claimed that she used to have chicken nuggets for boobs. In 2007, when she was 26 years old, she exchanged her nuggets for breasts. She opted for the ‘just right size’ and she looks fabulous!

Kelly Rowland’s Net Worth Is $28 Million

The Biggest Improvement

We can safely say that Nicole Richie made a fantastic choice. She needed those implants to make her look more like a woman and less like an ironing board. A natural and neat job!

Nicole Richie’s Net Worth Is $5 Million

Newest Set on the Block

30 year old Miranda Kerr showed off her new set of gorgeous breasts at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on the 3rd March 2014. Good job Miranda.

Miranda Kerr’s Net Worth Is $20 Million

Don’t Lie, We’re Not That Dumb!

In 2010, Kim Kardashian denied ever getting implants. In fact, she stated that she was completely against plastic surgery. Sorry sweetheart, we weren’t born yesterday! 

Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth Is $45 Million

The Berry Best Looking Pair By Far

In the midst of all the really bad implants, there are some boob jobs that have been very well done. The best looking pair of celebrity silicone boobs belongs undoubtedly to Halle Berry. Her neat new set of breasts is the perfect cup size, suits her small frame, and enhances her natural beauty.

Halle Berry’s Net Worth Is $70 Million

As the rich and famous continue to search for the perfect breast size, we will continue to search the web to laugh at their breasts, lust over their breasts, or long for a pair just like them. One thing is certain is this... Bigger boobs does not equate to bigger net worth. It still takes talent, sweat and determination to build up a fortune. So dear readers, boobs are not everything : )

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