7 Rich Celebrities With OCD

rich celebrities with ocd

Did you know that there are rich celebrities with OCD? Yes, they do suffer from this condition despite their wealth and fame. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a condition characterized by repetitive thoughts or an impulse to perform routine over and over. For instance, people obsessed with germs or dirt will develop a compulsion to wash their hands over and over. Performing such rituals provides some temporary relief brought about by the obsessive thoughts.

These seven celebs have been diagnosed with OCD. But guess what? They have not let their obsessions override their dreams and they still register high in the scale of success.

1. Donald Trump - Net Worth $3.9 Billion

donald trump is known to be an ocd sufferer

He may be stinking rich and famous, but Trump has his own share of quirks. The business magnate has admitted to having borderline OCD. He can’t shake hands because of his fear of germs particularly with teachers who, according to Donald, carry most germs. Touching the ground floor button of an elevator is also on Donald’s “do not touch list.”

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2. David Beckham - Net Worth $350 Million

david beckham ocd

The hunky footballer revealed his battle with OCD back in 2006. He has a debilitating dependency on rituals of symmetry: everything has to be in a straight line or in pairs. Beckham has tried to break his cycle of perfectionism, but his efforts have not been rewarding. Off the pitch, Beckham is keen on ensuring all his shirts are lined up according to color, and it’s not just about the clothes, his cans of soft drinks have to be symmetrical.

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3. Howard Stern - Net Worth $500 Million

howard stern ocd

Love him or hate him, Howard Stern has managed to carve out a name for himself in the showbiz industry. He has been dubbed the ultimate “shock jock” thanks to his outspoken personality. He has also been candid with his battle with OCD.

During his college years, Howard was nervous about entering the world of broadcasting and so he developed a ritual to help him cope with his fear. He could not turn on the radio before dialing a certain number with his right hand. His OCD seems to have culminated, and he now practices transcendental meditation.

4. Jessica Alba - Net Worth $20 Million

jessica alba ocd

The sultry access has admitted that she can be a little obsessive and compulsive about how she gets things done. Jessica Alba always wants everything done to perfection. Nevertheless, she is not too concerned with the effects of OCD in her life. She believes it has contributed to her Hollywood success because she depicts each role to the best of her ability.

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5. Howie Mandel - Net Worth $40 Million

howie mandel ocd

The deal or no deal TV host went public with his battle with OCD in 2009.His unhealthy fear of germs and dirt began cropping up when he was a kid. He never tied his shoes because he believed the laces were dirty. 

His crippling fear has continued to manifest in his adult life. Howie Mandel avoids handshakes like a plague and doesn’t touch his money unless it’s washed. Howie has, however, embraced his lifestyle and has even penned a memoir that chronicles his journey with OCD.

6. Megan Fox - Net Worth $5 Million

megan fox ocd

The foxy American actress is one of the latest celebrities to come clean about her struggle with OCD. So what is this young damsel obsessed about?  Public toilets and silverware in restaurants. She finds its icky eating from spoons that have been used by millions of other people. Toilets without seat covers? Not for Megan Fox.

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7. Justin Timberlake - Net Worth $175 Million

justin timberlake ocd

Justin Timberlake has got success wrapped up around him. Apart from having a booming singing and acting career, his stunning looks have landed him on the worlds’ sexiest men list. What some of his fans may not know is that the hunky singer has OCD. He has an obsession of lining up objects, and he always has to have a particular food item in the house all the time.

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