10 Celebrities Who Died
Of Drug Overdose

From prescription drugs to cocaine and heroin abuse, Hollywood celebrities have banked on drugs to help them culminate their personal problems.  However their dependence on these “quick fixes” has resulted in towering addictions and in worst cases death.  We have rounded up a list of 10 famous celebrities whose lives were cut short as a result of drug overdose.

1. Cory Monteith

The glee star had a lifelong battle with drug addiction. He admitted his substance abuse started at a young age and had visited rehab by the age of 19. The 31 year old star passed away on July 2013 after he took a lethal mixture involving heroin and alcohol.

cory monteith death

2. Amy Winehouse

Amy suffered drug and alcohol addiction for years which threw her thriving singing career into a series of tumults.  She had made attempts to get clean by visiting rehab, but it seems her efforts bit the dust.  The sultry singer died in 2011 at her London home following what medics referred to as alcohol intoxication.

amy winehouse dies of drug overdose

3. Philip Seymour Hoffman

On February 2014 showbiz world was rocked by the abrupt death of Oscar winning actor Philip Hoffman. He had serious drugs problems in his twenties but had managed to remain sober for over two decades. Hoffman was unable to kick his habit after a relapse in 2013. He passed on in his New York apartment after an alleged heroin overdose.

philip seymour hoffman death

4. Whitney Houston

For most of her early career, Whitney had managed to craft a good girl image but by the late 90s, rumors of her drug use had begun circulating. Whitney was found dead in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills hotel room in 2012.It was established that the songstress ingested prescription drugs and a cocktail of cocaine prior to her death.

whitney houston drug overdose

5. Michael Jackson

The king of pop untimely death in 2009 dazed his legion of fans. Michael had suffered an extensive substance addiction for several years. The legendary star died in his Beverly Hills home following a lethal injection of anesthetic propofol administered by Dr. Conrad Murray.

6. Judy Garland 

The renowned singer and actress had struggled publicly with drug abuse for the better part of her showbiz career. She had a voracious appetite for pills and alcohol and in 1969, Judy’s life was cut short after she overdosed barbiturates.

7. Anna Nicole Smith

This former busty playboy model and reality TV star’s life ended tragically in 2007 after an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. Prior to her demise, Anna’s life was driven by a thirst of drugs, pills and alcohol. Nine different drugs were found in her system after an autopsy.

anna nicole smith

8. Marilyn Monroe

The cause of Monroe’s death has always been a bone of contention.  Many theories crop up including murder and accidents. But according to official reports, the 36 year old actress’ death in 1962 was caused by an overdose of Nembutal sleeping pills.

marilyn monroe death

9. Heath Ledger

This talented young actor will always be remembered for his role as the Joker in the film “The Dark Knight.” Ledger met his end in January 2008 from an accidental overdose of a mixture of prescription drugs.

heath ledger death

10. Brittany Murphy

The “Girl interrupted” actress untimely passing in 2009 cast a dark shadow in the Hollywood scene. The 32 year old had been rumored of indulging in substance abuse and hard partying prior to her demise. The troubled star died from prescription drug intoxication.

These are just but a handful of celebrities whose lives have been robbed by drug abuse. Following their untimely deaths, more celebrities have come out and revealed their personal struggles with addiction. Most have managed to check into rehabs and are living sober lives.

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